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I’m new to Monster Hunter. Last year I thought I hated this game, but now I’m in love

MonsterHunterWorld10 - I'm new to Monster Hunter. Last year I thought I hated this game, but now I'm in love

I'm new to both Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter in general. I picked it up in February of last year, but I got 20 hours in and quit. I had an old Warframe buddy trying to rush me through everything and wanted me following him around, or he would jump in all my difficult fights and end them in 5 minutes. Kept rambling about all this stuff I needed to learn in High Rank, overwhelming me and confusing me. Combine all of this with a total newbie trying to learn Charge Blade (I'm stubborn and dumb), and finally, I was stuck at Diablos and had neither the gear nor the talent to handle him, and I put the game down thinking I hated it.

Fast forward to a week ago, fresh off the heels of a couple month's of crushing disappointment with games like Anthem, and after just finishing Rage 2, and I felt sad that I didn't have another game to sink my teeth into.

I realized I still had MHW on my hard drive, so for the last 3 hours of work, I watched some weapon guides from Arekkz, and when I finally landed on the Insect Glaive, I watched it another two times to really let it sink in, lol. I decided that when I got home, I was giving Monster Hunter another chance. Traded in the CB for an IG and ran through a couple low-risk monsters like Kulu-ya-ku and Great Jagras to see how I'd do with it.

I ended up doing so much better, and after a couple of days of struggling with Diablos, i got him down on my third day back to the game.

I was hooked, man. The massive hit of dopamine, adrenaline, and simultaneous wave of relaxation that washed over me after realizing it was over and beating him was honestly probably the most excitement I've felt playing a videogame in probably the last decade, maybe ever. The best part was that I did it myself. I actually felt like I accomplished something. I was playing offline, learned his attacks, learned how to use my radial menu (thanks to this sub), learned how to evade and vault out of the way, use the flash bugs, etc. After a couple days of tepidly dipping my toe in to MHW trying to decide if I was going to like it this go around, that absolute piece of shit Diablos was the moment I fell in love with this game.


In the 3 days since, I've moved up to crafting a Zorah Magdaros set and my Aerial Rod, so I'm still a novice…but that thought really, really excites me. I'm so happy that there's so much future content for me to do in this game, and then Iceborne is going to come out in several months! I've used 2 of the 14 weapon types in this game, and I'm only even halfway decent with one of them yet. Every day, it feels like i learn 5 or 6 new things that make me a better Hunter, or faster, or deadlier, or make my palico cuter. I can't wait to see how many hundreds of hours I sink into this game (maybe 1000? It's been since probably Diablo 2 LoD that I've played a game that much).

Side note: this subreddit is fantastic too. It's such a breath of fresh air to come into a gaming subreddit and almost exclusively, all of the posts are good-natured in spirit, joking around and positive about the game (even if they're bitching about Bazelgeuse). Even when people are disagreeing about something in the comments, they're usually pretty polite and understanding. People are super informative and helpful to us new folks.

It seems like almost every other videogame subreddit is a toxic cesspool with nothing but "This game is broken. Endgame is meaningless. Loot is shit now. Fuck Ubisoft/Bioware/Bungie. Uninstalling" comments. The Monster Hunter team, on the other hand, gave us a massive, complete, functional, rewarding, FUN game that can be played on or offline, solo or coop, for $60 and not a dime more.

God…it feels good again to be a gamer.

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