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I’m tired of Arch-Tempered.

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I'm going to preface this so people don't get the wrong idea: I'm not a noob, I own every game in this series and I've beaten Arch-Tempered monsters before. MH is one of my favorite series of all time. And I don't really mind the changes that were made in World (except for the Gathering Hub nerf). I'm not making this post for karma, this was just on my mind and I wanted to put it out there.

When World came out and we learned that there were supposed to be constant updates and more "DLC" of sorts, I was initially very hopeful. Eventually, we got Jho, Kulve, Lunastra, and Behemoth. I (mostly) enjoyed these updates. But l'm also the type of player who tries to do everything/collect everything. So whenever new events come out, especially ones where you can get new stuff, I always try and do them. Even if I don't play as much as I used to, I like to pick up the stuff so I can use it if I decide to play more later.

But I guess Capcom decided early on to take the comments of how World was "ez pz" to heart and shat out Arch-Tempereds. Now, I've seen a lot of people call things that are hard or challenging "artificial difficulty" when it isn't, but… these are 100% artificial difficulty. For the most part, it's the same damn monster but with everything turned up to 11. They've literally only raised number values like their HP and damage, slapped the AT logo on them and called it a day. Sometimes moves are changed, but only ever so slightly. I think the only one I needed a slightly different strategy for (aside from "dodge more or else") was Vaal for his tick damage, but he does that normally so all they probably did was raise the number on that too. So yeah, they're about as artificial as you can get. People might say that MH has had this problem before, but the core gameplay loop doesn't usually put you through quite this level of BS.

The first few weren't so bad, but my issue is that these guys are pretty much the only "new stuff" events we've had for months. And that's it. And at this point, I do not find fighting them fun. It's not for my lack of ability to fight them, either – I like to play offensively, but I learned how to not cart. Many, many times I've joined hunts, and no matter the HR, people will cart (sometimes the quest fail) but only rarely is it me. I'm not trying to be boastful, I'd only call myself "decent" at best. I'm probably better than an average player, but I'm no God Speedrunner. I've played a lot of this series before and just really don't want to die. What I'm saying is, I know that personally, I have the ability to beat them. I prefer to fight in groups, but I have solo'd some ATs when that wasn't going well or I didn't have a choice.


But they're not fun anymore. Some people will say "it's a taste of G-Rank", but at least in G-Rank you had G-Rank gear. All we have now is stuff we can shamble together from the end of high rank and hope that we don't cart just from looking at the damn things.

I want World to be successful. I want Monster Hunter to continue. I love the series and I think it has room for even more potential. It'll probably do something new eventually anyway.

So when I log on to World every so often, and the only new stuff I see are these dumb Arch-Tempered things, it doesn't feel good. I'm torn because I like getting the armor, even if I only end up collecting it, but fighting the AT's is such a slog. I'm not excited to fight them, it's just something I want to get over with. I was hoping they were going to end soon and we'd get something actually exciting. But now, apparently we're supposed to get AT Zorah and Xeno… really?

The catalyst for this post was me logging into World after an extended break to find that AT Luna is up, but only for 1~2 more days. So I thought to myself "Do I have time to finish it"? Probably. "Do I want to grind like a madman for 2 days?" No. I felt exhausted just thinking about it. I tried it a few times, I got really close once but ended up carting at the end. I know what went wrong, but my heart wasn't in it. I could probably finish it, but it's just really not a grind I wanted to subject myself to.

I just felt really tired. And really, it was like that all along. They're just really, really tiring. I don't think they're a test of skill. They're a test of patience. But I've had it. I don't want to fight them anymore. Please, Capcom, for the love of God, do something else.

This post is way longer than I wanted so I'm sorry if you read all of it. I just wanted to write this down and stop thinking about it.

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