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Improvements to carting/quest-failure for immersion

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After the recent release of tempered pickle on MHW PC, the number of carts I've seen and experienced has reached an all-time new high. After a particularly bad run, I was staring at my hunter crouched on the ground, head bowed in failure as pickle continued releasing it's bad breath behind me.

It got me thinking that the whole cart/fail scenes could be more impactful. So I thought, we usually arrive back at our camps in a cart after we uh.. cart. But we never really see the process. You don't see your teammates bring carted either, they just crumple to the ground and disappear automagically. I was hoping that in the future titles, perhaps instead of merely toppling over and disappearing, an actual animation of the recovery of fallen hunters could be shown.

I know that the lore is that the palicos (for a fee, which is technically already included when you sign up for a quest or deducted from your quest reward zenny, according to lore i think) will rush into the battlefield, pick the fallen hunter up, and deposit them back at camp. That's why there's limited faints (lore-wise), because the guild/commission deems it too unsafe to hunt further, or the palicos refuse to recover you beyond the number of times stated. But whatever the reason is, it would be great the see the palicos running with a cart, throw you onto it, then scramble off.


If we were to deviate from the traditional carting mechanic though, I could also see a palico running in, whistling for a wingdrake, then lifting you off fulton-recovery style. Bonus if the hunter screams while being "air-lifted".

For quest failure, I was thinking that the fainted hunter would be recovered as usual, while the other hunters would receive an alarm, perhaps a foghorn of some sort, or a large flare in the sky, that recalls them to let them know the quest has failed. Followed by the usual wingdrake pickups to flee the area, with a final camera pan to the monster raging triumphantly below. Of course, ending with the final "QUEST FAILED" in-your-face message. letting you know who got their butt kicked this time.

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These are just ideas however, and I'm not even sure if it would be a good idea. There would definitely be a lot more work developer-end for something like these, but these are scenes that most hunters would be encountering rather regularly, so I thought they might be worth it. What do you guys think?

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