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In all honesty the best part about Alatreon to me is that he actully has been made to also be fair solo

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - In all honesty the best part about Alatreon to me is that he actully has been made to also be fair solo

So as a solo only player I think the saddest part for me during the entire life of world has been whenever we got a update that has a monster which was anti solo. For the most part it has not botherd me as they have always come in the form of free dlc content meaning everything I actully paid money for was completly doable in my preferd way and it's just new content that isn't always that. 2/3 in base world were event crossover monsters and Kulva was a brand new monster so it felt mostly fine to me as these were pretty specific things, other than the fact that the best gear was pretty much locked behind online which was pretty rough when the AT elder dragon's arrived and I felt pretty crippled against them (still got most of them down with just base gear tho so no big deal all in all). So overall base world only had a small bunch of anti solo monsters and they were pretty special cases so not much of a big deal in hindsight but I wish it was still more doable if it was possible to do.

Now we move on to IB. Once again Capcom has given a full experience that dosn't wanna screw over solo in anyway until you finish the main story. After the main story we get Rajang and Stygian which are also perfect for both groups of players which is awsome. After Stygian we hit the most bitter one to me which was Safi. Now I was super hyped to finaly see the adult form of Xeno'jiva (like I was super hyped when we learned it was him) and seeing that he ended up as a siege was, well probably the most dissapointed I was during the games time. It's not that bad tho since Sieges is a diffrent type of play that is just at it's core meant for a diffrent expiernce than normal hunts, but it really is just sad that a monster that possibly many who would love to fight properly, had to either say pass or switch to a playstyle they don't really want to (tho I was grateful for the recon mission at least). At the very least Safi gear wasn't as meta changing as the monsters in base world were, cause shortly after we got Raging and Furious in IB, and Raging at least brought super comperable weapons to Safi. This almost felt like to me that Capcom had started to care more for the none multiplayers and just threw in a great alternative to make the solo players feel like they also progressed after Safi (tho it might just be more likely it was a coincidence). After this event came our first AT elder dragon and the return of Kulva. Now Kulva was maybe the biggest shock to me cause she arrived with solo scaling. A siege fight that now was pretty doable solo was beyond welcome (and it might mean we get a diffrent fight for Safi at the end of the line which I truly hope) tho am not a fan of her run away gimmick but I think that is pretty much the exact same issue for both solo or online so that makes it a diffrent discussion.


And finaly after all that we arrive at Alatreon. This here was my biggest fear cause Alatreon is one of my all time most loved monsters. After the diary and all the mentions about "get your team ready" and "do a certain amount of dmg together" made me think "yeah they really are gonna make him anti solo". Seeing a old monster return (and a fan fav aswell) and be created to be anti solo and only for parties would probably sting the most out of all of them to me, but it really seemed that was the way it was gonna go so I just accepted it. Come july 9th and I wake up and check reddit and I see chaos. Alatreon seems like he wasn't just anti solo, but anti monster hunter instead. Everybody is getting destroyed and he apperently seems like the hardest thing capcom has ever created. I wasted some time at work looking more into Alatreon and noticed a post about how he has solo scaling which suprised me a lot. Later I finaly got time and started up the game, talk to the 3rd fleet leader and then reach the point wher the team field leader tells us "WE NEED TO GET A TEAM" and yeeted me into the hub which I never use. I was pretty confused why a monster that has been scaled for solo "needs a team" so I figured the dps check wasn't doable solo or something. That however wasn't the case. Alatreon was actuly pretty doable to reach the dps check on even for a LS user like myself which normaly isn't very good with elemental (tho now I heard weapons elemental values are apperently improved or something for him). I fought him some more and more, went and improved my GL for the last aguments, improved my cantine for that extra cart skill and eventuly beat him and I was so freaking happy. I feel like he really wasn't intended to have any solo scaling considering how the devs worded it and made you auto go to the hub, but at some point in their development they might have just said "ah fuck it, it's not like we hurt anybody from at least making the hp more fair for those who only play alone". Whatever was their reason, I just gotta say that it felt so good to me that I didn't feel like the game itself didn't want to not present a fair challenge. I got close a few times to solo beating behemoth in the base game even with my not so efficent gear (made final phase a couple times iirc) so it was doable but I always had this feeling that this was more me doing a challenge run (like I had crippled myself) over just trying to overcome a boss fight normaly. Alatreon was just a much better experience thanks to that.

Now I know some people are gonna mention how the old games always were multiplayer scaled when you finished village. I have played Tri, 3U, Gen and GenU (gotta get into 4U at some point tho) so I am aware. However past games never felt like much of a deal with the online scaling in comparison, primary cause the monsters would still be the same mechanics wise. They just had more HP and hit harder from village to hub and usuly just meant 10-15 min more per hunt for most of the hunts. They never had this mechanic were I really felt like "boy it would be nice to have a few other people here to deal with this". It's super refreshing that Alatreon came with a mechanic that seems like it was inteded to be done with a team, but instead also was handled very fair if you go at him alone (in fact it seems something went wrong and he is harder wierdly enough for the online groups in that aspect).

Now I just also wanna add that I am not expecting that Capcom hard focus on us that just wanna solo. I am not saying that if they have an idea for a cool mechanic that will focus on what a party can do they should scrap it cause it's anti solo. All I am saying is that I hope it can be done like with Alatreon where if possible they make it doable for the solo players aswell. I fully understand that sieges are never gonna be like that (tho I do still hope all future siege fights can return in a soloable fight eventully like Kulva did) and events monsters like Behemoth who are comming fra an MMO are also never gonna be like that (tho why in gods name is the Leshen who comes from a singel player only game, where I have also killed in like 10 sec, is like he is in monster hunter I will never understand). Once again just as long as it is possible withouth it beeing overall negative, I hope they keep making sure it feels fair for both groups of players.

This became a much longer post than I intended, but I just wanted to throw out this piece of love towards the Alatreon fight, cause it really made my day when I finaly beat him.

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