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In Defense of the Return of Relics | The Grind for the “Perfect” Relic

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The new Siege mode's rewards have been overwhelmingly positive both on here, on Twitter, on Twitch, and possibly many other places that I myself have not had the chance of visiting. Many new players are excited for the chance of obtaining randomized loot. For many of us, it gives us another reason to keep on playing this game. However there have been various criticisms towards the return of the Relic System mainly from the MH4U demographic. At first I was skeptical at the amount of backlash it was received, albeit from my own personal experience it was minimal. However on my own Twitter Feed later on in the day, I see criticisms rising. "It's a shit update" said one person. "Back to the shitfest grind we had back in 4U" said another. However, I would be remiss if I said I did not have criticisms towards this system myself as a previous MH4U Player myself who streamed MH4U for nine months straight. In this post, I will be defending why Relics returning to Monster Hunter World is overall a positive update that prolongs the longevity of the game by addressing a primary concern that I have been mainly seeing: The Grind for the Perfect Relic.


4U players are no strangers when it comes to grinding for the perfect Relic. It could be a Great Sword with maximum sharpness, natural purple, maximum attack, the list goes on. It could be a Charge Blade with maximum attack, Blast status, that value is maximum, the list goes on. Do you have a Double Apex Level 140 Rajang? Do you have a Frenzied Stygian Zinogre and Brachydios for Hame? These questions and more were common in the search for the Perfect Relic. However, a task that may have seemed to take minutes would take days, maybe weeks. Maybe Months. Needless to say, the drop rates for these weapons were incredibly low. However, finding that "god-roll", finding the Perfect Relic is the chase. This chase is in itself a positive as it does one thing for the game: it keeps it alive. Many of our newest Hunters come from games such as Destiny where finding the god-roll is common. It kept the game going. I know this can be argued with "But Destiny was designed to be a looter-shooter" and look what happened to Destiny 2. Having fixed rolls or in this case "crafted gear" can only keep a person entertained for so long. This is especially true in MH where, once you get the best crafted gear, the sets that you want, what else is their to do? The Relic System is the answer to that problem by giving Hunters a chance of getting a bigger and better reward. Again, its the chase that prolongs how long this game can go for as you'll never know what you'll get. Sometimes it'll be disappointing. Other times it'll be great. But with Siege mode, doing it together with friends, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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