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In honour to my 500hr Playtime I’d like to share with you my favourite Sets

main img base 1024x624 - In honour to my 500hr Playtime I'd like to share with you my favourite Sets

I've been playing since 2006, and have considered myself an SnS Main ever since. My second-to-go weapons are Greatsword and Lance, and this game really really got me into Bow and Charge Blade, specially Bow. What they did with all the movesets is just glorious. I didn't wanted to get too detailed with the decorations but if anyone happens to like a set just say the word and I'll give you the details. Also, if you see a lot of Defense Skills that's because I never got but 1 extra Attack deco.

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    Honourable Mention
    , my first High Rank armour. I farmed Azure Los so so so much and was so unlucky with the Ruby that a Gold Wyverian Ticket had to do the job for me. Although its cool to check my inventory now and have at least 5 Rubys of every monster.

What's your personal favourite set?, was there a weapon you never had imagined yourself maining?, are you still struggling with those stupid Attack decos?

I'd like to add that in my opinion Elderseal is crap.

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