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Information about Bazelgeuse’s attacks and his properties of his scales and “Exploding State”

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Tips on Bazelgeuse based on positioning and various stuff. Copied from my google docs.

If your position is right in front of his face or right under his face, then you can expect a full body slam most of the time. Fair warning on his full body slam where he raises his chest and then slams down. His head and the bony part of his wings are a hitbox and the hitbox doesn’t go away until his head is out of the ground. Dodge away from him and not toward him because he will drop scales and detonate them. He can actually chain this many many times. Record for this before he does a different move is about 6 times. This same move can be chained into him backing up and shooting flames to explode the scales he drops while backing up. Another move to expect and comes out more if you’re not kissing him is his quick charge attack. He raises his chest and then slams his head at you. Pay attention to where his head is facing. If he’s looking to your left, dodge to the left because he will slam his head towards his left. . If he’s looking to your right, dodge to the right because he will slam his head to his right. Best way to think of this hitbox is to avoid an L with his face being the leg of the L. If he hits you and your body is still in front of him, expect him to chain another one to catch you on the recovery. Another move to expect whilst in front of him is for him to take the skies to either have him just drop down or to have him swoop down and start flying everywhere and lay scales to where you’re at. If he starts laying scales, then know that he will semi lock onto your position once he starts flying back down to you. You can run away from the body, but if you’re under the wingspan, then you will be tremored.

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If you are in between his head and his feet, then you can most likely expect a mix of him swooping his head to face you, or him backing up to drop scales to shoot fire at them at you. But typically the goal of these moves is for him to face you mano to mano.


If you are behind him and under his tail, you can expect to be greeted with a tail slam. If beside his tail and behind him, he’ll either back up to shoot fire at his dropped scales or he will tail swipe you to face you.

You can also expect him to reposition by chasing you. If he starts chasing you, then he will do the first move mentioned on these notes.

If there is considerable amount of space between you and him and you are infront of him, you can expect him to start charging at you. Right here, ancedotely, there is a 50% chance of him either just finishing his charge, or him chaining it to flight to lay bombs and dive bomb you.

Now for the juicy stuff. Bazel’s Exploding State is on a timer the moment you engage him in combat. From the start, you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to prepare your anus before he gets into the state. Once he enters the state, it will last for entire 30 seconds before he reverts and the timer starts again.

You can actually neuter his capabilities by either tripping, KOing, or mounting him. Doing so will cause his scales to explode safely and regardless of the state he’s in, enraged, normal, exploding, or exhausted, it will take approximately 1 minute for them to grow back.

Interesting thing to note is that if he is in a pitfall trap and you KO him, he will keep his scales, so just a note if you plan on using traps.


I'll probably make a video on this later.

Edit: The big takeaway here is that from the moment combat starts, the entire fight will revolve around a 2 minute cycle where 1:30 is spent in normal state and 30 seconds in exploding state

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