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Initial thoughts and observations while trying to solo-GL Behemoth

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Initial thoughts and observations while trying to solo-GL Behemoth

Been at it for about three days now. Fu*k this new decoration system when you practically need Guard Up if you wanna use a GL against Behemoth, but whatever. I've got a set that should hopefully work, and hey, finally got my protective polish dec.


  1. Behemoth gaining enmity is not based so much on the DAMAGE of hits to his head, as it is the NUMBER of hits. For this reason, pulling off Wyrmstakes on Behemoth's head is pretty much guaranteed to draw enmity. Very useful, but you need to have good positioning, and know when you have openings for this maneuver since you otherwise are committing to an attack string that leaves you extremely vulnerable. I imagine this rule of quantity over quality applies to other weapon types too.
  2. It is important to know chip damage thresholds. Many attacks can be blocked for no damage, but many others will give chip and knockback even at Guard 5, it's super important to know this ESPECIALLY when using the Temporal Mantle. Temporal dodges are great but they do cost time compared to a very quick guarding, but on the other hand you'll take no chip with them.
  3. Speaking of the Temporal Mantle, try to save it for when you have enmity. When Behemoth's targeting you, you won't have many opportunities for heal. In a group of competent people you'll probably have a support healer who'll keep you alive; when solo or in a group of id*ots with no designated healer this won't be the case.
  4. About the only moves Behemoth does that the Temporal Mantle won't proc on are his right hook punch and his basic tail flick. Careful positioning and sticking near and behind Behemoth's left arm should keep you safe.
  5. Rocksteady Mantle feels more useful when you DON'T have enmity but are trying to get it. If nothing else, Behemoth's roars are a good chance to go for his head.
  6. Evade Extender is super helpful in getting the necessary distance on rolls and backhops to get away from Charybdis torandos, meteors, and those barely-telegraphed explosions on the ground. I could be mistaken but it feels like the size of Charybdis tornadoes increases in the second area to the extent you can't outrun them without damage once they "activate", but an Evade Extender roll'll get the job done
  7. Mind's Eye. If you have an attack with a wide hitbox, see about incorporating Mind's Eye if you're going to be attack Behemoth's head. If you hit those horns you're going to fu*king bounce (at least on blue sharpness) and do piss all damage.
  8. Behemoth's physical attacks can destroy a comet in just a few hits. For the love of god, keep him away from those comets. Magic attacks seem a lot less potent in that regard.
  9. Once you have Behemoth's enmity and you've busted his horns, there's literally NO reason to stick near his head. His worst attacks are in that general area; get closer to his hind quarters and shell shell shell! Well, shell shell reload but you get the idea.
  10. You will need at least 20 fire resistance to not get Fireblight from the meteors. Seriously consider eating for that.
  11. I have no fu*king clue how to time a Dragoon Jump to avoid an Ecliptic Meteor. I imagine many people don't. If you lose your comets and you don't have practice on how to do the jump, seriously consider abandoning the quest and saving yourself some time.

Currently I can get to phase 3 of the fight without carting outside of the Ecliptic Meteor; I guess that means it's time for me to start learning the phase 3 fight now.

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