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Insect Glaive: A look back..

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Insect Glaive: A look back..

When I first heard of the new weapons coming in gen 4, I was over the moon. At this point I had only played MHFU, and I didn't have a console that could play the later games so I had to make do with let's plays.

The IG was just amazing to see in action. The animations were just amazing. My first impression was that it would be really hard to get used to using it.

Fast forward to a few years later when I got my hands on a 4U Edition 3DS and I could finally play the game. The IG was my instant main. The only struggle was the slow ass kinsect, but once that was out of the way, the weapon just felt amazing to use. For a "light" weapon, it was immensely satisfying, though I would say it was due in part to the exceptional hit effects. The infinite combo was great and the meta game of keeping your extracts up was a nice balance. The IG was arguably overpowered in 4U. Mount spamming could get you through most fights if you really wanted to cheese it. Throw in Star Knight, then you were set to destroy everything. It was very versatile, quick movements, fast attacks, and a vault for larger monsters. Then, when you consider the extract effects, then you can see just how amazing it felt to use. Triple buff earplugs and affinity boost were just incredible, I don't remember the other effects, but those alone were just too good. The biggest annoyance was the kinsect leveling, but if you followed a guide you were good.

Moving on to MHgen, the aerial prowess of the IG was tempered somewhat by Aerial style. Mounting took noticeably longer, but I feel that it balanced the weapon out fairly. The different styles were pretty alright. Guild was standard, Striker wasnt too bad, Aerial was immensely fun. Adept for me was the weakest style. I found this iteration of IG to be quite usable but more balanced and less OP than 4U. Kinsect leveling was streamlined a bit more, but it was still finicky.


Now comes MHW… This iteration feel a bit too flat for me, didn't stop me from using it though. The big mechanical change was becoming an attack helicopter and playing the floor is lava. It was fun to use, but it's damage output was pitiful. In the ground, the attacks felt weightless. Maybe it's just me, but the satisfying feeling of the attacks was just gone. Perhaps it was just down to the hit effects. Worse than that was the mounting. I can unequivocally say that I've gotten mounts more consistently using a Lance than IG. The one space IG was supposed to excel, it was outclassed by almost everything. GS could get a mount with two jump attacks, hammer with a few more. The biggest improvement was kinsect management. It was perfect. Using the kinsect in a hunt was just a joy and upgrading them was a cinch.

Iceborne didn't help all that much… The dive attack was quite fun to employ, but it still has the same issues as World's.

Looking at the future, the Rise teaser left a lot to be desired… I know it's too early to judge, but the additions didn't feel very inspired… This is more of a general point, but good hit effects really made IG (if not all weapons) very satisfying to use. Without them, the weapon just feels like you're hitting dirt with a twig.

Im hoping to be proven wrong. I'll still stand by my favourite weapon when it comes out, but it needs some love.

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