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Introduce a New Companion App “MHW Friend” for MHW hunters

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Hello Brave Hunters~!!

As a Monster Hunter World big fan, I want to introduce my app "MHW Friend" to you!

For my self, I'm an experienced MH player for years (from PS2), and also a freelance developer.

Well I know there are many companion apps for MHW, but why should I make it on my own?

Because they are not enough for me.

I am trying to build the best companion app for MHW!

Maybe some pictures are better than my words:

MHW Friend User Interfaces

Till now this app is released for 4 months in Asia (where I am) for the beta test, 40k+ people from Asia are using this app (only iOS), and they highly recommend it as well. Now I'm going to bring it to the hunters from all over the world!

It features:

  • A build maker (Free to use!), you can find your own builds and narrow down the results by filtering skills, gears, and decorations automatically. Working completely OFFLINE!
  • PC/PS4 supported. PC database is limited to the gears you can use in the game (Steam). So that you won't get builds including gears only for the PS4 platform.
  • A build card generator and reader, which generates build cards with QR code for sharing. You can use your best kill screens as the background. Others can import your build by scanning the QR code or modify it later for their needs. Simple as it should be!

Build Card (HB Tank Build for Extreme Behemoth)

  • Powerful filters for searching in the database includes Weapons, Armors, Decorations, Skills, Armor Sets, Items and Monsters, more will be coming in later versions. You can search by filtering varies conditions to find anything in an intuitive and powerful way, typing names are not enough!

Powerful filters for searching

  • The database can be updated within the app. The database is updated by downloading data in the background, you won't need to update clients frequently! If there's new data available, you will be informed. Tap once and get updated. Usually, new data will be updated right after the game updates within one hour.
  • Well designed user interfaces and the ability to customize. The whole app is designed for one-hand use and make you familiar as you're playing the game. You can customize the background of the app as you like. What about an awesome kill screen?
  • A Weapon Tree just which looks like in the game! I hope you can get the same experience as you are playing the game. It's really convenient to find a weapon!​
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Weapon Tree

  • News from Japan! I know both English and Japanese so I can translate news and game related articles from where the game comes from in the first place!​
  • Event quests and bounties time schedules. These are updated weekly for both PC/PS4 platforms. (bounties are updated daily during festivals) I'll update what you should get and expect from the event quests in the future so that you won't miss anything.

Weekly Bounties with a reminder

  • iPad is supported.
  • Android is on the way! Maybe desktop versions, too! (First iOS version is written in objective-c. Now I'm going to use Flutter for Android and will replace the iOS version in the future. Thanks, Google!)
  • Multi-languages supported: English, Japanese, Chinese. If you are willing to help or be a long-term partner to localize for your native language that is missing, I'm very happy to add new languages, please contact me at [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])! Let's do some remarkable works as the MHW fans! (Long-term partner will be a member of the staffs, and will get paid for your continuous contributions!)

This app is free to use basically, there are too many details to tell, so try it now yourself!

You can download the app from scanning the QR code in the build card, or from:

For the first launch globally, I'm now giving free redeem codes to unlock the app forever!

For iOS:











If you like this app, please tell me and follow me @mhwo_official on Twitter!

I really like to hear from you and share my ideas on developing this app.

This will help me make the app better =)

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the app and your hunting life!

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