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Is it too late to make pierce great again?

main img base 1024x624 - Is it too late to make pierce great again?

I absolutely love pierce HBG. I've used it in everygame since freedom unite and it always worked out fine from highrank and on. But I feel like pierce really has fallen off in world, with not too many options to choose from in forms of builds and guns and even with very specialized builds, you will normally only barely match the damage of most casual melee builds.

So pierce guns by themselves dont do too much but the endgame monsters arent really well suited for it. With the exceptions of vaal, xeno and bazel, endgame monsters just dont take enough damage because you cant hit multiple weakzones in one shot which is really the only way to stay competitive with any other bowgun build.

To make matters even worse, the world elders have auras that deflect bullets entirely! Teo can only be shot in the face or tail when upset, Lunas tall blue flames block bullets entirely, Kushala's wind aura blocks bullets (though I think pierce goes theough) but now arch vaal has a more powerful aura that blocks bullets everywhere but the head or the tip of his tail.


I tried bringing a pierce set to my first arch vaal fight and quickly realized that it's just impossible when he is not elder sealed, and why bring a build to a fight if it can only work sporadically throughout a fight?

I'm not sure why capcom seemed to think that all gunners needed a nerf for endgame elderdragons and I really was fine with it since it made gunners have to worry about the auras too, but denying an entire playstyle (a traditionally popular one at that) is too much. We have been crossing our fingers for a buff to pierce but at this point there's so many monsters in place that actively discourage pierce.

Any thoughts on this matter?

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