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Is the meta the only way?

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Is the meta the only way?

Hello fellow hunters, I came to share with you an interesting story (at least for me).

My girlfriend started playing MHW and already finished the campaign mode. But she did something that really caught my eye, 90% of our quests together she used The Long Sword, Not a Long Sword, Rathian's Long Sword.

I questioned her a few times, explained that she could optimize the time of the quests with a better sword (divine slasher, I'm looking at you). But she does not care, according to her own words:

"I have a lot more fun playing with the weapons of a monster that I have some identification and affection, and the rathian is by far my favorite monster next to the lunastra."


Friends, at that moment something in me changed, after 499 hours in the game, I learned something with someone who did not even reach the 100 hours, after following the goal without changing, searching for the best weapons / armor ever, I understood that the game gives you the freedom to playing as you wish may sound like bullshit; but that's what makes MHW so incredible.

Ps: I decided to follow this method, since my favorite monster is our beloved anjanath, I am using all the variations of the anja's weapons. Clearly there is a difference in the time of completing the missions, but it is not so great. And I'm having so much fun again. It helped me to continue playing the game now that I do not have much to do. And for you? Is it worth leaving the metagame aside for fun sometimes?

That's all, folks .

sorry for the long text

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