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Is the meta way the only way? A veteran’s thoughts on meta vs. support sets and the toxicity surrounding the debate from both sets.

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I’ve noticed that lately there’s been a lot of hate going around this sub, which is going to happen anytime we see a big jump in players. But the heart of a lot of this negativity seems to be coming from support vs. meta sets and I hope to clear up some things that I think is causing this toxicity.

First a little bit about myself. I’ve been playing MH since Tri and having put many hundreds of hours in each game since then I consider myself a veteran of the series. I also frequently use meta/ min-max sets. Killing stuff as fast as I can is just how I enjoy the game. But that doesn’t mean I think that everyone should be using similar sets. Because while Monster Hunter does have a meta, the beauty of this game that other games don’t necessarily have is that you don’t have to run a min-max set to be successful, you can run whatever set you want or (for the most part) play how ever you want and it won’t make much of a difference. So while I enjoy using meta sets that doesn’t mean that I’m going to boot someone from my lobby if they have less than 6 different attack skills, and I trust that people like me share that mindset.


Now onto support sets. If you look at any post showcasing a support set nowadays, I can guarantee you’ll see a few angry individuals saying that anyone running a support set is useless. In my opinion this is coming from a slight misunderstanding due to wording at least this was how it was for me. You see, when I saw someone say support, I instantly froze up and thought of all the people you’d occasionally run into who just sit in the back and do nothing. That’s not what a large majority of people with support sets are doing, they’re participating just like a person with a meta set is, albeit in a different way. Here’s an example: Hame. Hame is a tactic used to speed run difficult quests and/or monsters. It consists of three people using high dps weapons, usually hbg or great sword, and a status gunner, or support, as its being called in this case. As anyone who’s ever done Hame, or even watched some form of it will tell you, the status gunner is the most important member of the team. Their job is to chain statuses like paralysis or k.o. together to lockdown the monster so all the other three have to do is beat the shit out of the poor monster. So please, if you see someone say they’re running a support set don’t instantly think of them as a leech, think of them as your status gunner. They may not be as necessary in a normal, everyday hunt as they are in a hame run, but they are still a valuable asset to the team. Because they take that annoying Kushala who won’t get out of the air and turn him into a baby who doesn’t know how to stand up. Just to reiterate, support set DOES NOT mean they are sitting in the back leeching. Like I said, I think, or at least I hope that a large part of the toxicity towards support sets is that people assume that the person won’t be hitting the monster, which for the most part isn’t true. We’re just going to have to get used to the new terminology.

Now another thing, if you meet one of the exceptions whether it’s Meta-Man who insists you have nothing but attack skills or that hunting horn guy who sits in the back and plays nothing but the sonic waves song, please try to refrain from devolving into caveman. My fellow meta hunters, if you see someone using a “sub-optimal set” it doesn’t matter so long as they’re doing their part. And support players, if you see someone recommending a meta set don’t say something like “lol you only run dps skills you probably cart left and right” (Yes, I’ve seen it). Everybody just calm down and enjoy the game.

Tl;dr: Support set doesn’t mean not contributing. Meta way is NOT the only. Stop being as*holes to each other no matter what kind of set you use.

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