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Is the Monster Hunter universe the best fantasy game civilization?

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Is the Monster Hunter universe the best fantasy game civilization?

People always bring up the topic of game worlds you'd wanna live in and we always get the usual suspects like the world of The Elder Scrolls, Warcraft, D&D, Zelda or The Witcher or whatnot. But if you think about it, the Monster Hunter world seems to be the best place to live in:

  • Altruism: Everyone in the MH games is unfailingly nice and polite, and helpful to those who ask for help. You get a sense of community from every NPC you meet, and the greatest feats that happen in the world are accomplished through cooperation.

  • Job fulfillment: Everyone in the MH world seems to love their job and find value in it.

  • No magic: Many people say this is a deal breaker, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY disagree. In the MH world, you become successful through hard work, talent and teamwork, no fucking wizards that can just magic their way into fucking everything up. The most "magical" thing in the MH world is the monsters themselves, and even then, humans have been shown more than capable of tackling their threat.

  • High standard of living: You never see poverty, war or any kind of human misery, other than that caused by monsters. By all accounts, the people in the MH world are a happy bunch.

  • Racially diverse: We have humans, Wyverians, Troverians, Lynians and possibly more races to come, all with diverse racial groups within them, and they all live, work and share together without enmity.

  • Gorgeous folks: Like, seriously, there aren't any ugly people in the MH world. Even the eldest are either adorably small and cuddly or (like the Tracker, Second Fleet Master, Commander and Admiral) buff and sexy!

  • Technologically advanced and science-centered: Sure, there may not be TV or internet service, but the MH world is surprisingly advanced technology-wise. They've developed all sorts of vehicles including flight-capable ones, they have steam engines, firearms, advanced engineering and metallurgy, etc. They also value scientific research and development, with many of their jobs and its civilization as a whole revolving around it.

  • Discovery: The MH world is full of mysteries and unexplored lands to discover, with pioneering spirit and a sense of wonder being common among their populace.

  • Biodiversity: The MH world has all kinds of interesting biomes with their own ecosystems, flora and fauna that makes it a fascinating place to explore.

  • Natural beauty: The MH world is simply BEAUTIFUL. Every time you reach a new biome, you are struck with wonder at how beautiful it is.

  • Monsters: This may be a double-edged sword, but the fact remains that monsters are FASCINATING creatures, and many of them are pretty docile or even domesticated. They make the MH world and exciting place to live in.

  • Multiversal hub: As we can see in Monster Hunter: World, the MH world is connected to other realities, so the possibilities of meeting folks from worlds drastically different from one's own are endless. Hell, Geralt seemed to be enjoying himself in the MH World when compared to his home dimension.

  • FOOD!: It looks friggin' amazing!

  • PALICOES!: You have talking kitties for friends! How cool is that??

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