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Issues Capcom need to be aware of

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I'm just putting this here, posted it to steam forums as well but it's pretty much a collection of a lot of problems I've seen reported:

After watching Digital Foundry's video on the PC port, I haven't seen Capcom acknowledge anything either he said or bugs that other people have reported.

  • TEXTURE BUG: Currently Texture quality is bugged on certain textures, you can see this quite prominently on armor and weaponry how even on full it looks blurry without much definition, this appears to be bugged but I'm not sure if Capcom is even aware of it…loading up my PS4 version of the game the same pieces of armor are far higher quality in terms of textures. THIS IS NOT EVEN PARITY CURRENTLY.

  • WATER REFLECTIONS: Water reflections are also bugged, there's no difference at all from this option being on/off whereas on PS4 and Xbox One X there are dynamic reflections in all puddles of water, again this appears to be bugged on PC.

  • PC SUPPORT: We need some extra PC support, raw input for mouse movement would help ranged users, better binding options for left-handed users, 21:9 support needs to be implemented and while not a necessity, a HD texture pack would go a long way in making people feel like Capcom actually give a toss about PC.

  • PARTICLE BUGS: I haven't got there myself yet so maybe someone could fill me in a bit better, but I've seen reports of stuttering during the Teostra fight and just in general around Elders Recess, lightning weapons are also currently bugged causing stutters/hitches anytime someone attacks the monster with one.

  • DATA LOSS: Seems like some people are reporting complete save corruption after defeating the final boss, back up your saves for now and hope that Capcom addresses it shortly.

All in all, I hope Capcom read this thread and don't stick their fingers in their ears, the port needs some fixing and I hope they are dedicated enough to provide the fixes.

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