Monster Hunter World

It’s a little late, but I finally completed this game

MonsterHunterWorld9 - It's a little late, but I finally completed this game

For some strange reason, despite the primary thing I play being multiplayer games with friends, Monster Hunter has always been singleplayer only for me. I’ve messed about helping friends out here and there, but I guess there’s just something about the experience of taking on monsters alone – really having to learn and respect them, practising at it until you can take them down on your own – that draws me in. So at some point a few years ago, I made the decision to complete MH4U. Completely. Solo.

After a fairly extensive break to mess around with World and Generations Ultimate, I came back to the final quest that’s stood in my way for literally over a year now… You know, the final G rank quest that’s literally titled “Monster Hunter!” and pits you against 5 monsters in one go, all in the arena and all frenzied. It’s certainly a nightmare of a quest to take on full stop, let alone solo, and I won’t lie – I must have thrown myself at this thing maybe 40 or 50 times in the past before I finally beat it. And practice does actually make perfect – I could never have dreamed of things like solo killing a G rank frenzied Tigrex in under 5 minutes before this quest forced me to.


That’s kinda why I ended up making this post, though… Seeing how many people play this game from a way more multiplayer focused perspective, it got me thinking. Anyone else out there who does this? Completing MH games solo, I mean. I’ve done some searching around and I can only find literally one person who’s done the same. Would love to know if there are any more dedicated solo players out there



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