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MonsterHunterWorld7 - I've been Missing out

just a quick story about my stupidity.

I've been playing monster hunter for almost over 3 months now. Im currently at HR114. However, the only thing that i do is hunt monsters and ignore everything else. Such as, upgrading my weapons, upgrading my armor, setting my decorations and jewels, ignoring melding, etc… So, ive been struggling to beat any of the arch tempered dragons. Everytime i get to the point where they are close to dying, i get killed. I got frustrated and kept wondering why i cant beat these arch tempered dragons. Spoke to a friend and he decided to help me beat Vaal solo. So we get to my house, we loaded the game and i give him the controller. He went to go set decorations, after 1 minute of scrolling, he started to yell at me and told me why havent i upgraded anything? I told i didnt want spend my zennies and i dont know what the jewel really. He then told me that im missing out on a lot by not upgrading and melding for better jewels. So apparently i have all these rare jewels in my box and havent been using them. So we upgraded my armor, weapons, and decorations. All of sudden, my character is like a damn tank. I didnt know it make such a big difference and all this time ive been suffering through this game because i was cheap or ignorant.



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