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I’ve been playing for 40 hours so far, would like some advice

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Hello everyone.

I've been playing this game for like a week now, and I'm really liking it. I play both alone and with a friend who have been playing this series for some time (he also has MHW), and I'm enjoying every single moment in the game. But, I'd like to hear some opinions and advice from the veterans of the series, mostly about these topics:

  1. Is it better to change weapons from time to time and be adaptable, or to stick to one style until you master it and then change to something else? For the time being I did 59 quests with the Hammer (which I really like), and 19 with the Switch Axe (which is cool, but a bit complex for me). Also, I would like to try the Great Sword now, should I?
  2. Which are the best armor sets in low rank to use with the Hammer, the Great Sword, and the Switch Axe? I've crafted some sets by now (Jaggi, Rhenoplos, Kecha Wacha, Gypceros, Nerscilla, and Velociprey) and upgraded some of them with Armor Spheres, but I wonder if there are better sets to look for at this rank to help me with those weapons.
  3. Should I use Decorations and Armor Spheres at this rank, or is it better to save them for later? I've already used some Spheres as I've said, but my friend says that it's better to save them for later. Should I follow his advice or simply farm them?
  4. Which are the best resources (apps, sites, etc.) for this game? I'm already using Ping's MH4G Dex on my computer and MH4U Database on my phone, is there anything else I should look for?
  5. Have you got any other advice for a noob? Any advice would be really appreciated, so I could enjoy this game even better than now.

Thank you in advance for all your answers.

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