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I’ve finally done it (story time)

MonsterHunterWorld3 - I've finally done it (story time)

MHGen was my entry into the franchise. My friend said "hey, let's try out this game together, it's cooperative." I thought it sounded cool! Set out on hunts with my friends to slay massive monsters!

Well, I hated it. I honestly didn't enjoy my time at all, but even so put 15 hours into a mixture of lance and longsword with my two roommates who seemed to be enjoying the game a lot more than me. I ended up dropping the game because I was done with the janky controls and the terrible way they taught you how to play:

Here's a wall of text about how to use your weapon. Now go kill this monster that doesn't sit still!


Anyway, I forgot about it for a bit until I saw the MHXX demo was on the Japanese eShop. I had heard that people could play across platform, and the prospect of playing and slaying with my friends still sounded cool as heck. So, I downloaded the demo and despite not being able to play with them yet I had a surprising amount of fun! I probably put 3 or so hours into the demo alone, so I was hoping for a release in the west.

Well, the day came. I bought the game on release day because I thought we'd be able to play together again. Turned out MHGU and MHGen were different games! Surprised, but I played the game solo anyway because why not? I just dropped some money on it, may as well get something for it.


I'm so glad I did. I ended up taking up the longsword again and went super hard into it. Slowly but surely, I climbed my way through the hub quests until my roommates also got Switches and bought the game. We played together and had a blast, eventually making it to G all access.

I had no clue what was in store after that. What they don't tell you is that the bulk of the game happens after your rank is unlocked, and boy have I been surprised. When I was first unlocked, I was about HR 90 or so.

About 500 hours later, I'm HR 236. You know what I just did? I just made what I think is the coolest set for LS in existence, and I'm super proud of it. Stoked, actually.

Rustrazor Splitter: 330 Raw , 5% Affinity Silver Solhelm Z GX Old Fatalis Hide Silver Solbraces Z GX Old Fatalis Spine Silver Solgreaves Z Expert+9 OOO Skills: Critical Eye +3 Challenger +2 Weakness Exploit Critical Boost Total Defense with charm/talon: 891 Resistances: Fire: 2 Water: -13 Thunder: -4 Ice: 0 Dragon: 4 

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I'm just excited and feel like I've overcome a massive obstacle that I set for myself a long time ago and figured this would be an okay place to share it.

I hope you're all having a lovely day!

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