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I’ve got farming The Name’s Lavasioth down to 5-6 minutes per run and thought I’d share!

MonsterHunterWorld4 - I've got farming The Name's Lavasioth down to 5-6 minutes per run and thought I'd share!

My best time so far:

I haven't had a whole lot of time to play World since the first week of the appreciation fest, so while I got a decent amount of farm from our saviour the Greatest Jagras, I didn't quite get to do a lot of good deco farming and I'm still missing some rare ones so I figured I'd try farming the Lavasioth quest. After a few Gunlance attempts with mixed results (usually 10+ minutes and some carting), I tried elemental LBG and I've found it much more comfortable for hunting Lavasioth.

Disclaimer: This isn't a speedrun strat. I'm not particularly great at LBG (or at Monster Hunter in general tbh) and it's entirely possible that this strategy could be optimized much further. This is just what I worked out for myself, and I'm sharing it because I know lots of people hate hunting Lavasioth. (I did too, but I'm actually kind of enjoying the quest now..?)

Here's the build I used:

To give credit where it's due, this is based off a build I found on this youtube video:

It uses the Jyura Bullet (3 recoil mods, 1 affinity augment) because I don't have the Styx LBG yet. I'm a PC player, so anyone can make this. Probably the only tricky part for some people is the Critical Eye jewels, but those aren't really crucial. There's also a Kirin Gamma part, but the festival is going so you can get that first from AT Kirin if you need to!

Quick summary of the hunt:

-Travel to Lavasioth's pool area (I drink demondrugs/armorskin on the way because may as well). Grab torch pods along the way for convenience.

-Wait for Lavasioth to jump out onto land then empty a clip of water ammo in its molten face while it does its initial roar.

-The damage you did during the roar should be enough to trigger its "rage" roar. During this, shoot three Sleep 2 bullets at it to put it to sleep. Place three Wyvernblast (the LBG mine special ammo) by its feet, place two Mega Barrel Bombs onto them. Reload your ammo, equip dung pods, craft two more mega barrel bombs for later, then shoot at the barrels to detonate them. (Note: we're placing these by Lavasioth's feet because we don't want to damage the lava armour on its head or back, since those areas take much more damage from our shots than the legs when they're molten)

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-Continue shooting at Lavasioth's feet to detonate the last couple of Wyvernblast shots. As it (usually) reels from the damage, fire a dung pod at it to move it out of its home area, since fighting it there is so annoying.

-Now, the core of the fight involves shooting at Lavasioth's face and back fins while the lava armour is molten (looks red-hot), since that's when you deal the most damage. Water ammo apparently makes the armour cool faster, at which point you'll notice your shots are far less effective. If all good weak points are hardened, re-equip those torch pods you picked up earlier and shoot at them to re-heat them briefly. I find that Lavasioth dives into lava often enough that I don't need to do it that often though.

-Eventually, the armour on its face will break off. At that point your water shots to the head will start doing noticeably less damage, so focus fire at the fins on its back (you can also aim for the tail but I find it's harder to hit because it moves around a lot).

-Whenever you see your Wyvernblast ammo is fully restocked, put Lavasioth to sleep again and do another sleep bomb (you can do it at its face if the armour's gone). Usually at this point, I've successfully destroyed the armour on its face and back, and the second sleep bombing puts Lavasioth low enough to be captured, so I set a trap at its feet while it finishes getting back up and shoot it with tranq shots. We're done!

(It took a few hunts' worth of practice to be fast enough for this; you may need to keep fighting it, maybe do a third bombing run, until you're more comfortable with the hunt.

I hope this ends up being helpful to some of you out there! If anyone wants, I could probably upload a video of myself going through the quest as I outlined it. I got my first two partbreaker jewels and my second mushroomancer jewel tonight, it really is worth it to farm this if you're still missing rare decorations!


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