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MonsterHunterWorld10 - Jewel farming guide

Hello. I've seen too many posts complaining about "being unlucky" when it comes to decos. While RNG is huge factor, i think the issue lies in how and what these players hunt so i wrote this guide to help them.

How to get decos

  1. The obvious way to get them is to hunt HR monsters. Most HR hunts where you slay or capture large monster have chance to give drop random (usually shitty) decoration.
  2. Tempered Investigations have "reward boxes" which guarantee you to get either decos or streamstones. These Investigations are tiered based on monster you hunt.
  3. Event quests such as "Triple Threat Throwdown" have increased deco drop rates, but i don't recommend doing these unless you want large quantity of low-quality gems
  4. Many people will recommend "save scumming". I really advise against this method because it's tedious, very repetitive and in the end there's no difference between doing this and cheating, except for cheating is faster and "smarter". Also, doing this might be actually slower than farming decos the right way.
  5. You can outright cheat them in and you don't need this guide

The most efficient way to get decos (other than cheating) is to do Tempered Investigations. You can get these by collecting tracks of tempered monster. There are 3 tiers of Tempered Investigations depending on which monsters you hunt in them:

  1. Weaker monsters such as Paolumu, Rathian, Anjanath, Radobaan, Tobi, Pukei
  2. Stronger monsters such as Radobaan, Legiana, Odogaron, Rathaloses, Bazel
  3. Elder dragons

Quality of decorations you get depends on in tier of Investigation. Basically T1 investigations are awful, T2 and T3 are pretty much equally good (for R7 and R8 decorations). T3's also drop streamstones. Full drop table can be found here:

If you want to farm decos as efficiently as possible, you should minimze time you spend on hunt and maximize amount of rewards you'll get for it.

You should pick investigations based on these criteria

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  • Has to be T2 or T3 investigation
  • 3 or more reward boxes
  • How fast you can do it – investigations with single monster are usually faster than these with multiple. Hunting Odo is usually faster than hunting Kushala
  • How high is the risk of failing – 1 cart investigations are risky and if you fail you'll waste all the time you spent plus preparation. Some monsters are more deadly than others, i'd think twice before jumping into 1 cart TED investigation
  • How many tracks you can gather during investigation – this is important to have healthy amount of investigations

Now the subjective part, how to actually hunt monsters efficiently. You aim to spend as little time as possible, but don't confuse this with speedrunning. Speedrunners have very niche builds and tons of preparation, which doesn't work in our case. We need reliable, fast and safe way to kill the monster.

For this im using Elemental LBGs. They deal great damage if you use the right element, they're mobile and versatile. Im usually using Empress Shell "Styx" (Water+Thunder) and "Blaze" (Frost+Fire). For smaller monsters i like to use Spread HBG because it preforms much better than Elemental LBG

Here are which monsters i hunt, which element to use and estimated time spent on hunt:

  • Diablos & Black Diablos – Frost LBG, 4 minutes
  • Bazel – Thunder LBG, 5 minutes
  • Lavasioth – Water LBG, 5 minutes (almost no tracks)
  • Uragaan – Water LBG, 4 minutes (lots of tracks)
  • Odogaron – Spread HBG, 4 minutes
  • Legiana – Thunder LBG / Spread HBG, 4 minutes (lots of tracks)
  • Nergigante – Thunder LBG / Spread HBG, 5 minutes (lots of tracks)
  • Kirin – Fire LBG / Spread HBG, 5 minutes
  • Vaal Hazak – Fire LBG / Spread HBG, 5 minutes (almost no tracks)

I usually avoid Raths, Teo/Luna and Kushala because they're often pretty tricky or i can't kill them fast enough. Try to capture if possible, it cuts health you have to go trough by ~ 25%. Try to avoid changing zones unless you are luring monsters to enviromental traps such as 2 crystals in Elder's Recess' junction zone.

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How goes the hunt – example Uragaan farming:

Spawn in zone 1, go down to room with erupting volcano, gather all Uragaan tracks. Go to "junction" zone, throw Dung at Rath if he's present. Uragaan arrives at like ~30s in, so when he does just spam water ammo at his chest. Try to drop large crystals on him for free damage, use mines when he's knocked down. After ~6k damage he starts limping, so quickly shoot Crystalburst at him which cancels his escape and quickly cap him. If done correctly you will capture Uragaan and gather like 8 tracks in less than 3:30.

You can do similar runs for every monster on the list. Don't forget to pick up tracks otherwise you'll use up all your investigations!

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