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Just a note to those angry about the sync’d progress multiplayer story quest thing…

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The developers (in Japan) have definitely become aware. Japanese players are complaining about it too, and they've already done two tweets restating what the requirements are / what you're supposed to do, with those tweets having many angry replies about how weird it feels currently. (and conversely many replies saying, come on it's just the story/ I'll do multiplayer later, etc etc what you'd expect)

I would not be surprised at all to see this adjusted. But even if not, at least feel assured it's not JUST a western complaint (though playing with friends 100% of the time and never alone is IMO).

Regarding story quests / multiplayer; There are times when you'll encounter the messages: "You cannot join this quest because you've not progressed far enough in the story" "You may not join the quest because your story progression differs from the leader's". When another player posts a story quest, any player who wishes to participate is required to have completed the story up to that quest. Also, for players who have the same progress in the story, for a quest they have not seen yet (and only the first time), until they've progressed the story in that quest up to a certain point, they may not multi-play it.

Let me know if you have any problems with my translation or would like me to translate anything else related.

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