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Just another Extremoth PSA

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Just another Extremoth PSA

Okay let's get to business.

General information about Extremoth's behaviour:

● Behemoth will only attack whoever has enmity, and he's very aggressive while in this state, if you're not a tank, only attack the head if you got a fresh Temporal Mantle on (HE WILL EASILY CART YOU OTHERWISE).

● He won't cast Tornadoes while enmity is drawn.

● Behemoth can be put to sleep, paralyzed, stunned, exhausted and mounted (abuse this as much as possible!!).

● Flashes can be used twice, save them for whoever non-tank gets enmity by mistake (Flash him after his roar and the enmity will be lost).

● Dragon pods can draw enmity if you manage to hit him 5 times (Or 6, I can't remember), no need to hit his face for the effect (I also noticed enmity is easily drawn after he flinches).

● Stay close to your Tank until he gets enmity or else this hunt becomes a running around mess and nothing is done properly.

● If your Tank needs to drawn enmity twice per area, not enough damage is being done.

● When you lay on the ground with low health after an attack, don't move as your character will stay on the ground for a short while invulnerable, use your signal if you need healing.

● Buff yourself before the fight for the love of Myo Galuna.


● Area one is the fastest one, this is a good spot to put him to sleep to speed it even more, drop the 2 crystals hanging above and you're done with it. (Maybe sleep 1 time?)

● Area two is good for mounting, it's a Lance/Hammer bro mounting party. No need to hold him, better get him down as fast as possible so the people dealing damage can take a good chunk of his health. (Mount 1/2 times, Stun 1 time)

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● Area three is tricky, this is the best place for sleep and bomb if you didn't use sleep on the first area, your team must deal as much damage as possible in here, put Temporal Mantle on and go nuts. (Good place to use exhausting ammo/Hunting Horn too)


● Area four is where the fun begins, Extremoth will drop 3 Comets here and 3 Ecliptic, one after the other when enough damage is done to him. Paralysis and Stun in here helps a ton. (Paralyze 2 times, Stun 1 time *One status for each Comet he drops*)


● If you're a HBG Tank, Hazak Vitality, Guard/Guard Up, Health Boost, Recovery Up are mandatory, Weakness Exploit helps you get enmity by just shoving spread bullets on Behe's face. Take Spread 2/3 ammo, Paralysis ammo, Impact Mantle for stuns and Temporal Mantle)

● Lance/Gun Lance Tanks, same skills as HBG, just be sure to look for Dragon Pods on the ground as gaining enmity as non HBG Tank is a lot slower.

● Support, any weapon choice is welcome, just be sure to keep your team alive, don't mind the expense, your role is important to keep the pace of the hunt. Wide Range 5, Speed Eating 2 or 3, Free meal and at least 1 level of Mushroomancer. Eat a blue mushroom whenever the Tank takes too much chip damage from Extremoth's bi*ch slaps, Chug a potion if you see teammates flying over your head. (Take adamant seeds with you to counter the Defense Down debuff from the Meteors)

● DPS, Long Sword, Hammer, Dual Blades, Insect Glaive should focus on the front legs to enjoy the Weakness Exploit full potential, Charge Blade, Gun Lance and Cluster HBG should stay away from the Tank and attack Extremoth's rear due to your explosive nature (Avoid exploding your bullets/phials everywhere), Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, Park Breaker, Mind's Eye (So your attacks won't bounce off his chest and leave you open).


OP Notes:

Perfect team composition would be 1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 or 2 DPS. Extremoth is manageable even with only 3 people if everyone knows what they are doing. My hunts as a Tank always go like, drop 2 crystals on the first area, one mount and one stun on the second area, two sleep and bomb on the third area, one or two paralysis and one stun on the final area. That turns Extremoth into a puppy.

Hope this helps the ones still struggling with him, happy hunting!

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