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Just attempted a Solo Behemoth run for the Hell of it & NEARLY succeeded!

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Just attempted a Solo Behemoth run for the Hell of it & NEARLY succeeded!

I'm pretty pissed, disheartened & saddened about it to be honest.

I was using the Taroth Strongarm "Horn" with a good set of skills to complement it.

First phase went without a hitch. Second phase took a bit but still went smoothly enough.

Then the problems start. He goes to the fire area & I start cursing him out for it.

The lava chip damage was frustrating to deal with as well as all his new aggressive large hitbox attacks. I used a cart here.

I still ended up clearing the phase with plenty of time to spare & he dips to the final volcanic area.

This is when things go horribly wrong.

It was at this point that I just kinda… Stopped doing damage.


The room was literally Hell! I spent half the time healing, dealing with Charybdis & lava geysers & generally just didn't have any room to work with.

I should also mention that I equipped my Palico with a Sleep weapon & he NEVER put Behemoth to sleep. WTF?!

After almost 30 minutes, I ended up triple carting & that was it.

Phase 4 is just too much for solo play & the fact that he didn't go to Nerg's area made it even worse.

I wanted to have those sweet bragging rights but apparently that was just too much to ask for.


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