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Just bought MH World after not playing a Monster Hunter game since the OG

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Just bought MH World after not playing a Monster Hunter game since the OG

Sorry if this is a fluff post or whatever, but I just have to get it off my chest.

I'm continuously blown away by how much this game just gets right, compared to the first Monster Hunter. I'm not very far in (just finished the first Zorah Magdaros encounter on the campaign and stopping to grind out Anji gear), but every time I play it I notice some new quality of life thing or some small detail that improves the game concept considerably from the first iteration.

I considered the first game a masterpiece, I sank hundreds and hundreds of hours into that buggy mess. So seeing something that's just so much better than a classic game from my childhood on basically every vector is really incredible to me. I'm just in awe at how good this game is.


The footstep tracking is 10x more fun than lobbing those stupid paintballs, the auto crafting system is excellent, built-in infinite pickaxes and whetstones are amazing for QOL, the sheer volume of quests available even at low level is really amazing, being able to move while using potions, the way monsters interact with each other instead of just gangbanging the PC, combat is simultaneously much more fleshed out and deep while also somehow being more streamlined, bowguns have a lot more complexity and feel more like a "real" weapon class, the little cat familiars are awesome… I could go on and on.

Again, sorry if this is rambling or whatever, but I'm just amazed at how far this series has come over the years. MH World really, truly feels like a work of art. It's just an incredible game. Maybe I'll be able to pick out a few flaws in a couple weeks when the rose tinted glasses come off, but this game has impressed me in a major way at every turn.

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