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Just curious what everybody’s favorite Monsters in the series are.

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I have only played Monster Hunter World but am looking forward to MHGU coming to Switch. I have been Currently my favorite Monsters are between Vaal Hazak, Odogaron. I love fighting these guys and they have such cool designs to me. Makes me kind of upset knowing that these guys are both new and won't be in MHGU.

The Rotton Vale in MHW is so weird a really fun to explore, minus the horrid damaging miasma. Vaal Hazak is the perfect monster for this area and it's design is the most unique that I've seen the game.

Odogaron is such a simple design that does it's job really well. Also I love dogs and it's just a big angry dog to me.

With the other monsters in the series, 've skimmed through and loved just about all of them. The only one I didn't care for was Khezu. Kind of just a big wrinkly dragon with a disgusting face, but I'm sure it has it's fans. From watching gameplay I can tell it's gonna suck ass to fight and I'm not gonna enjoy it. I do look forward to exploring more of this series.


Edit: Just thought of another cool guy that I love. It's been a few months since played MHW, so my bad.

I adore Xeno'jiva so much. The way you come up to the fight is great and the idea that this guy is like some alien dragon baby is just too cool. Makes me want to see an adult Xeno'jiva with harder skin. That's one of my favorite things about it, the fact that it is kind of like a newborn killing machine, so it's attacks are all kind of clumsy and I love it. The giant mouth beam where it stands on it's back legs to shoot the ground and accidentally buries itself is so weirdly cute. Only thing about it I wish was a bit different is I wish it was a little bit smaller and I wish the weapons actually looked different, rather than just stapling some glowy fins to a standard weapon.

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