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Just discovering Insect Glaive, wish I tried it sooner…

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Just discovering Insect Glaive, wish I tried it sooner...

I literally learned all the weapons except IG and HH. I always watch tutorialS to get a sense for the weapon and it’s difficulty.

Once I saw the tutorial for the IG, my initial impression was How am I supposed to juggle extracts while dodging and looking for openings while simultaneously trying to close the gap between me and the monster? So I put it down and moved on.

This week I got bored with all the weapons move sets so I decided to give it another try partly due to the Ice and water Taroth Glaives that dropped. I began to realize that collecting extracts on most monsters isn’t that big a deal and the IG hits a lot harder than I realized.

I also learned that the move set is a lot more fun than most weapons and the huge damage buff you get from all three extracts can be pretty thrilling.


I deducted to craft the Deviljho glaive because it’s one of the highest DPS Glaives but then realized I hate having to stop and sharpen every minute or so with my sharp deco.

So I decided to craft Empress Styx with the Empress 4 set white sharpness never runs out mid fight plus I have minds eye. I added two handicraft decos. The rest is 3 Crit boost, WE, Expert and 2 health boosts, 4 Attack.

I haven’t carted since and monsters seem to die faster than most vs me using other weapons.

IG has reinvigorated my interest in the game. It just clicked more than any previous weapon I played with.

Can’t believe after a few months of playing the weapon I loathed became the weapon I love.

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