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Just experienced the most intense fight of my entire hunting career

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Just experienced the most intense fight of my entire hunting career

Just wanted to share this amazing experience with ya'll.

So it's starts with me doing the questline for Temporal Mantle and I beat the Teostra no problem. Then I do the quest Pandora's Arena, and holy shit I got asswhooped by the Lunastra. Keep in mind I'm doing this quest with my friend who's like 100 HRs above me and like a god at this game, and even he's getting carted by that thing. It takes us like 3 attempts before until I realized an IG might be more useful (I was using a CB and not hitting any yellows) and we finally get him. So my friend says he has to get off and I head back to Astera excitedly hoping to get my mantle not realizing there's another part to this quest.

I was so intimidated when I saw the quest No Remorse, No Surrender because we barely repeled the Lunastra and now I have to try and kill 'em both. The fu*k?! So I head on into the quest thinking I'll just get some strangers to carry my ass through SOS and hopefully finish this quest. Hopping in, I start it pretty smoothly beating down the Lunastra but a couple minutes no one's joining so I cancel the SOS thinking that I might get more Zs, oh did I fu*k up. The Teostra comes in straight out of nowhere and helps his wife and they just cart my ass outta there. I get back to the tent and I prepare for this so much by using items I've never used like Dash Juice, Adamant Pills and Astera Jerkies etc. I go in to try and kill them once more but they just cart my ass again almost instantly.


Realizing fighting them together is like trying to freeze hell I wait for on to piss off so I can fight other. Like that, I slowly widdle their hp down keeping in mind that if the other comes I'm dead. At this point I've invested so much time and items to this mission that I don't wanna just wing it and try halfheartedly. I had a pretty close encounter when the Lunastra came while I was fighting the Teostra so I ran back to the camp to refill my items and wait for one to leave. Then it hits me, my slow and steady tactics may work but there's only 10 minutes left and both of them are still alive. So I just run to them and luckily the Lunastra leaves and I pounce on the Teostra giving my everything until I finally kill him. 5 minutes, I'm shaking and my heart is about to break outta my ribcage. I run to the Lunastra and use every buff and use my IG as best as possible. I finally get her to sleep in the lair but there's just a sliver remaining on the clock with that I rush that bi*ch and go Ultra Instinct on her.

When I killed her I yelled so loud my neighbors are probably thinking I'm being murdered but nothing was in my mind but pure joy. That was the most thrilling and exciting experience in my entire hunter life, I'm so glad my friend got me into this series and I hope there's more fun times to come.

Thanks for reading, From a rookie hunter

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