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Just need to vent bout online

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Just need to vent bout online

I’m a fairly new hunter with World being my first mh game. I absolutely loved it so I didn’t hesitate to get GU once it dropped. I couldn’t wait to try out this online system that the ol skoolers cover and praise so much as being superior to World.

Well once again I fell in love with the game but I do have one gripe which is becoming a major one for me. This online system. I was told that it’s loads of fun and players stick together for hours on end and help each other out and yadda yadda.

Welp I’ve had the exact opposite experience. For one I hate that you have post your own urgent to get credit. Got g4 I had to fight the bi*ch a good 6 or 7 times before I was able to post my own because after running “turns” people kept leaving. I hate that for every one quest I want to do I must engage in 3 other ones I don’t really care or have the time for.


Then now that I need to farm tougher monsters I can’t even get anyone to join my hunts. I hate to play solo as I find the game the most entertaining when playing with others. But I just sit in an empty room waiting and waiting for no one to show up.

I love the game and all I want to do is just play it and hunt monsters to no end but I feel like the online system holds me back from doing that. In World I have no problem firing an sos and having people join me or even just searching for specific monsters I want to hunt. Well, let me get back to my endless wait for players.

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