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Killed my first Behemoth and something even cooler happened

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Killed my first Behemoth and something even cooler happened

Up until now I was having a… mixed experience, I did horrible on my first attempts (I even carted three times on one ocassion), while everyone else seemed to be amazing, after twenty or so attempts I got better, but my teams worse, we managed to finish the last stage on one ocassion but a hammerbro didn't make it to the comet in time and we failed. Poor dude must have felt terrible.

I decided to take a break and craft a Bulwark Charm (I main Lance) cause I had problems evading the attacks I couldn't block. I finally got all the materials, and joined the mission with a bunch of other randos.

I had the feeling THIS was going to be the one, I somehow managed to get the agro super fast, and the SnS player turned out to be a healer that kept me alive, dude even risked to put some Health Boosters on my position to make it simpler. The other 2 players were using a LS and a SA, the SA guy in particular looked sooo good, he was constantly changing forms and hitting every combo. Meanwhile I was just holding ctrl, maybe poking it every now and then, and, trying to keep to fight away from the tornados, it felt kinda pathetic, but we got the job done quite fast.


Zone 2 and 3 were pretty much the same, I had lost the agro a couple times but I managed to regain it quite fast. We managed to finish zone 3 with no faints.

I'd like to tell you the final fight was super hard fought, that I did something risky or spectacular, but it was just more of me holding ctrl while pressed against a wall. I was feeling that I had just found a team of pros that would give me a cheap victory. Behemoth began to cast the final Ecliptic Meteor, and the SnS guy and me managed to hide behind a comet, while our 2 dps guys died, but we hadn't fainted yet so we got the victory, yay!

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I began to carve the monster, and was mentally writing a message for the team to thank them for the free mission, but then out of the blue, the LS guy writes a message thanking ME for carrying them, and saying the hunt had been easier than any other Elder Dragon. And the other two guys simply said: Same. I told them they had done great too and that was it.

I guess the lesson is that every hunt is simpler than you think if everyone does their job.

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