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Killed Nerg on my first try no carts! Please advise me on build.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Killed Nerg on my first try no carts! Please advise me on build.

Hey all!

Read so much about Nerg farting people that I was hesitant to do the quest .

Yes his dive-flop is deadly, got me down to maybe 30% hp one time, but I slayed the %~#@ out of him first time!

The key? Insect glaive, partbreaker3/weaknessexploit3 with blessing3/healthboost3. Pseudocath for dust, and use vault to stay out of reach while breaking part after part!!! Solo too 🙂

I’m sure there are better ways, but for what it’s worth I’m proud of that run!

I’ve never really copied my build from online. I’ve read enough that I feel it right to ask for advice without being told “just google it!”

So here we go!


I use 2 weapons mainly, the insect Glaive and the dual blades.

I use the IG for flying stuff (especially makes Legiana a total cake-walk) and the Dual Blades for stuff like Uragaan, rado, Great Jagras, basically anything on the ground.

I’m be using (mainly)

  • Vice, Kadachi Pillar 3, Nerg DB 1, Workshop Dual Blades (holy Sabre?)

  • Dragon King eyepatch (cliche I know!)

  • Uragaan A chest

  • Ingot gloves /w health boost gem (all 3 lvl one piece!)

  • Lumu A undies (dat divine blessing yo!)

  • Rathalos A legs.

  • Have a leaping charm, divine blessing charm, and some res charms.

I also have Leg chest, Anja skirt, and a set of HR bone armor.

With my current set and jewels I have:

  • weakness exploit 3
  • Partbreaker 3
  • Health boost 3
  • Divine blessing 3
  • various 1 lvl skills depending on jewel/charm. Have a non-elemental boost jewel!

My questions:

1) I will have Decimation claws and Bad Wing soon, have Vice +KP3 already. Is there some armor I can use for both weapons, or should I assume to build 2 wholly different sets?

2) I really like having divine blessing 3, weakness exploit 3, and Partbreaker, are these worth prioritizing/keeping?

3) I can’t bring myself to pick a second Rathalos armor for crit element: helm sucks vs Eyepatch, chest useless with eyepatch already giving W.E. 2, gloves/skirt useless for me (no good fire weapon, need divine blessing from Lumus)… is it really worth it (tho with weakness 3 and Vice my affinity could be 70%??) if so which piece?

I typed out a tonne more but reckon I’m already asking enough of your time. MOST OF ALL: If willing to grind the materials, what should I be aiming for which will go well with Decimation Claws, Vice, Bad Wing/Kadachi pillar 3? I play solo!

Any advice (even constructive criticism) appreciated. I’m new, be gentle.

Thank you so much, I am having such a hard time deciding what to farm for and I enjoy having some goal in mind!

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