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One thing that's always interested me about Monster Hunter is how they treat the monsters as living, breathing things, with explanations deeper than 'it's magic' for things monsters can do. Even most Elder Dragons have some kind of explanation. Kirin, however, remains to be a mystery.

Now, I cultivated this theory a while ago, but didn't post it quite yet to work out the kinks.

You may have noticed a lot of Kirin's attacks are actual lightning strikes from the sky. This seems impossible for it to actually control, but I think I know how. I believe the Kirin's horn acts as a lightning rod that attracts the lightning to it, and the Kirin has enough control over it to focus it in a specific, nearby area. That could be why it points its horn to wherever the lightning strikes in its attack animation. It also explains the name of the item, the Kirin Thunderhorn.


However, looking into it, I had found a roadblock; the description for the Kirin Thundertail. "A rare tail, overflowing with elegance, charged with electricity." The main kicker was the "charged with electricity." This along with the 'supercharged' state Kirin can enter means that Kirin does have lightning for itself. After a while thinking over it, I asked myself another question; why would Kirin need a personal lightning rod? It would be fairly inconvenient to attract lightning just for self-defense, especially since Kirin is a generally passive monster. So, I believe that the biological reason Kirin having a built in lightning rod is because it charges itself with the lightning it calls down, and possibly stores it in its tail. The supercharged state could be when it's storing too much electricity and decides to discharge it for extra defense. Elderseal could be affecting it by weakening the electric charge.

So, that's my theory on the Kirin. Feel free to point out any flaws or unmentioned factors.

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