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Kjárr Axe “Stream” vs. Kulve new meta?

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Kjárr Axe "Stream" vs. Kulve new meta?

All I've heard is talk about all the new Kjárr SAs being bad, but the new ice swaxe seems to beat Jho's when fighting naked Kulve. I want to make sure I'm getting this right and, if I am, to spread the word.

Ice SA:,88,107,107,105,107,74,health,0,0,0,0,0,5,30,38,32,0,0,32,32,0,16,0,0,90,0,0,2

Jho SA:,84,107,107,105,107,65,aff,health,0,0,0,0,5,30,0,16,0,0,57,90,0,90,0,0,90,0,0,3

Even with full attack buffs and damage augments, the new ice swaxe is better than jho's. For the tail, which has a 4:3 raw:ice weakness ratio, it is vastly superior. For the horns (8:5 raw:ice), it is still significantly ahead of Jho's, getting 341 damage with an overhead slash as compared to 260 with Jho's. Even morph sweep does 916 damage with the ice swaxe compared to Jho's 870.


Elemental discharge / ZSD is also fantastic on elemental swaxes, with Kjárr "Stream" getting 2070 damage while Jho's gets only 1317. Additionally, getting the full finisher is not as important on elemental swaxes, because it doesn't make up as large a proportion of the total ZSD damage. Because ZSD often has to be ended early due to Kulve's horns being dangerous, not relying so much on a full finisher is especially great. Power element phials also charge up in a single double slash->heavensward flurry, and takes significantly less time to charge than power phials. This is also great for kulve because less of those precious openings that could be used for head sniping or landing a ZSD have to be used for charging phials.

The ice set does use peak performance, but on a monster like AT Kulve who does so much damage with each hit, but attacks relatively infrequently and with long telegraphs, it's not unreasonable to maintain. Even without peak performance active, it only falls behind Jho's by 11 damage on morph sweep, and it's not uncommon for the meta Jho build to not have maximum might up while head sniping.

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Also, these builds don't use bombardier, but for general AT Kulve I don't think that's a good skill because you can only sleep her once, and her horns usually break shortly afterwards.

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