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Kjarr Longswords and where they stand

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Kjarr Longswords and where they stand

I've seen questions on how good the Kjarr longswords are from a lot of people recently due to the recent release of ATKT on PC and the Spring Festival bringing her back for console. For most of the game's life, longsword has generally favored raw damage over element due to the spirit meter being only a raw damage buffer, and because of helmsplitter's poor elemental multiplier. But now we have Kjarr Longswords, with decent raw stats and element + crit elem/crit status built in. So how do they stack up against Taroth Fire, Divine Slasher, and Reaver Calamity?

-Kjarr Sword "Fire": Currently its the undisputed best longsword to take on Kirin, since Kirin can't be helmsplit that often effectively, and even outside that its still reasonably strong and flexible. Its effectiveness against other fire-weak monsters is somewhat less impressive though. Leshen and Chungras more favor the Slasher and Taroth Fire, and while it reasonably competes with Reaver on Vaal, Reaver is usually the more consistent option(plus elderseal flinches).

-Kjarr Sword "Water": Unfortunately not that good in comparison to other options, even against Lavasioth.

-Kjarr Sword "Stream": Again not that useful overall, even against Kulve's true form.


-Kjarr Sword "Spark": If you like to bring longsword to Kulve during her first three phases, this is the best longsword to use, since it does way more damage on spirit combos, but only loses a few points of damage on helmsplitters. It only works this well on Kulve due to her abnormally high thunder weakness though.

-Kjarr Sword "Decay": If you're looking for an elderseal longsword or just a strong general one, this guy basically outclasses Reaver on everything that lets you keep your health up well. However, its the strongest option overall against the four Raths, as well as Radobaan, being in a similar scenario to Spark where it only loses single digit damage on helmsplits against Taroth Fire, but does a lot more dragon damage on spirit combos.

-Kjarr Sword "Paralysis": As expected, not that great, but one of your best options if you want paralysis and having the cat carry a flower around just won't cut it.

-Kjarr Sword "Magma": Similar in strength to Kjarr Fire(both surpass the old Styx longsword at its best), along with being able to produce quite a few explosions. Lack of white sharpness is basically the only reason its not the best out there.

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