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I had serious issues with KT farming until yesterday due to

  • Disconnects
  • AFK or questing people in session
  • Potatoe

Yesterday i decided to make my own Kulve Taroth Hunting session and to my great surprise it fixed all these problems i had. Surprisingly nearly nobody was getting DC'd which was a game changer for me.

What i did:

  • Created KT session (Event quests, experience: Any)
  • Set up shoutouts for whole session with something like "AFK and questing hunters please move to another session or be kicked"
  • Warned and then kicked any potatoes. I kicked for:
    • Grossly disregarding basic tactics, eg. waking up sleeping KT
    • Freeloading (hello mr. Aerial IG 1k damage in pursuit 4 hunt)
    • Having status "Responding to SoS" & "In Quest" while not being on KT
  • Set up shoutouts for breaking parts & tactics. Having "Gather tracks and then follow!" in P1 helped with pursuit levels, part shoutouts greatly helped with fast releases
  • Talked with most of the guys about tactics/gear. Both sides learned a lot

First ~18 horn breaks were done in 2 runs, but then we tried P1 runs and it worked. In the end 3 groups (12 people) were doing P1 Kulve runs in ~18 minutes or less.


I broke horns 37 times and got about 15 very valuable weapons (incl. R7 Glutton, All R8 IGs & GLs, Taroth Arrow "Thunder" & "Queen", and Taroth Crest "Claw" & "Thunder".

Guys from yesterday – YOU ROCK! Nobody (including me) was perfect in the beginning, but in the end we worked like well-oiled machine and it was really fun

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