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Kulve Taroth actually changed my life, here’s why:

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I'll try my best not to make this post cringy, but as a foreword, to the point post as possible.

I've played Monster Hunter for the better part of 10 years now. I've played every single game with as much commitment as one would come to expect from a "veteran". I don't want to get into the "hours played" for that's a pretty easy target for "no life" comments, etc. Just let it be known that in total I've spent well over 7,000hrs in the MH franchise, on a modest scale, without referencing my age. I say "well over", because honestly, it is indeed without getting into exact numbers. I was there for Shen Goren, Lao Shan, Jhen/dahren Mohran, Amatsumagatsuchi, Ceadus, Alatreon, Yamatsukami – all of it, but I won't give you a "look at me" resume.

I work in dredging, which makes my gaming hobby really hard to maintain, given the hours I have spare, plus general fatigue and so on. There's no need to explain it to the hard-working lot out there who understand it very clearly. 70hrs a week is the norm.

When this event for the "treasure dragon" everyone had been waiting for was released, I was skeptical, and I was under the pump with work. However, some friends of mine which I've known since MH3U told me it was really something special, something unique, something that would change my experience. Suffice it to say from the start of this post, it truly did.


I actually hated K.Taroth in the beginning, I hadn't seen the final phases. I just thought it was another lao-shan clone, and that was all I could see for a while. But over time, without spoiling anything, it seamlessly progressed into a difficult, challenging fight that was very rewarding, intriguing and interesting at the same time. It tests your patience, tests your drive, and gives you a real reason to keep hunting it.

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It really gives you a reason to keep hunting it – it gives you a reason to try your best, and it gives you a reason to support your team. At the end of the day, that's it – your progress will reset and that's all. You truly have something to accomplish together with your whole hub, it's nothing like we've seen since MHFrontier with Raviante. It's a refreshed vibe. Go out there and get after it.

for those who will read after completing the siege, I was in a space where I truly didn't want anything to do with anyone, worked too much, invested such an incredibly small amount of time into my hobbies – this fight, with the progression, the bgm, the work-ethic, made me realize there are more important things to making the dollar at the end of your payslip. Eat, sleep, work, hunt, repeat.

Then it started making sense to me, and I started drawing correlations from previous games. Working the monster through its various stages to get to the end, except the end wasn't there… It can't be killed, which jarred me – I couldn't really stand for it when you've "repelled it"(by old standards) many times, without a success. But the success was always there, right under my nose.

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