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Kulve Taroth Basic Guide and useful Informations.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Kulve Taroth Basic Guide and useful Informations.

Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth is back and since MHW got added to the Game Pass on Xbox One i thought sharing some basic Informations for new and old Hunters might come in helpful.

Let’s get startet with the Siege itself:

We have Pursuit Level and Reward Level.

Pursuit Level is based on Research Points. Everyone starts of at Pursuit Level 1 destroying Kulve Taroths Parts or Gathering her Tracks raises her Pursuit Level up to lvl 6 which is Max. The higher the Pursuit Level the easier her Parts Break since it changes the Life points of Kulve Taroth. Basically you want Kulve at a higher Pursuit Level before going for the Horn Break.

Reward Level:

Reward Level is based on Assignments you have to fulfill during the hunt such as Breaking each part of her, not failing the quest, breaking her Horn and breaking her Horns while she is in her Furry state ( I explain her furry later ). Reward level goes up to Level 17 and the higher the reward level the better rewards you get after breaking her Horns.

How to do the siege:

When Kulve is still at Pursuit level 1 you want to gather as much tracks as possible this is the most efficient way to raise her pursuit level and since Kulve Taroth is a Grind festival we want to Farm her the most efficient way to get all the nice Weapons she drops. Basically during Pursuit Level 1-2 (3) you don’t want to attack Kulve at all and just gather tracks. Attacking her just delays her escape and you waste your precious time. Gathering just tracks leaves Kulve to escape at around 7-8 minutes.

I know Pursuit Level 1 runs are the most efficient way to Farm her, but since this is a general guide and I assume most people will do her with randoms you shouldn’t go for P1 runs since they acquire a lot of skill, communication and super late game sets.

After your first Track run the pursuit level should go up to Level 2 and now we come to the Lobby part. Kulve Taroths Pursuit Level is Shared across the whole lobby. That means if you finished your run look if there are still groups on the Hunt at Pursuit level 1, if you see groups still fighting her don’t start the next run but wait for the other groups to come back because the points they gather will raise the pursuit level of your run aswell.


Basically if a 16 man lobby does a P1 Track run you get to Pursuit Level 4-5 after a Single 7-8 Minute run. That is the most efficient way.

Now after you made it to Pursuit level 4 or higher it’s time for you to go for the Horn Break.

But don’t think all you have to do is damage the horns! Since all we want from KT are ger weapons we want to maximize the Rewards we get. That’s where the part Breaks and Special Assignments come into play. During Phase 1-3 you want to concentrate on breaking ALL her parts:

Horn Gold plating Horns Chipped Left Chest Right Chest Left foreleg Right foreleg Left Hind legs Right Hind legs Left Tail plating Right Tail plating

It’s also import to have the right set!

Thunder Damage and part breaker are mandatory!!!

After breaking all her parts she will usually shed her mantle during Phase 3 ( can be during Phase 2 aswell if High damage)

Now I talked about her furry state earlier. Basically if you break a certain amount of parts during the run ( I think 15 ? ) you will trigger her special Arch Tempered State called furry.

Note: you can break all parts but don’t trigger her furry since you have to break parts again after she digs.

Now we want to trigger her furry every time you go for a Horn Break run since you get Reward Weapons for breaking her Horn during furry state.

In Phase 4 before you break her Horns make sure you break her Tail for rewards aswell.

And that’s basically it! All you need to now to Farm Kulve efficient.

Side note:

After you chipped her Horns don’t attack them anymore! I see so many people still attacking the horns after they got chipped during phase 2-3 but they don’t know Horn damage you do after the Horns chipped doesn’t count towards the Horn Break itself. You can only break her Horns in Phase 4 remember this.

I hope the guide brings some useful informations for new and old Player.

Enjoy the Grind and pray for RNGsus

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