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Kulve Taroth is a brilliant evolution of the Lao Shan fight

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Dropped online to do 3-4 sieges today and it was great to see the original formula being almost reimagined with so much clearly taken on board at Capcom to give players what they wanted out of the slow, lumbering grind quests that the series has been renowned for in the past.

The best example has always been Lao Shan Lung. For any newcomers, Lao shan was in the original MH and featured what was at the time the largest monster in the series. Players had to painstakingly damage the monster enough to either repel or kill her in the final arena. On the way, it's possible to break the horn and the back to yield better results. Lao Shan could break down the fort wall which led to a failure for the players.

Second came Shen Gaoren, who used the same arena as well as a separate arena with only one area. Shen Gao Ren was an enormous crab wearing Lao Shans skull. Same concept but with more interaction. Lao Shan did not attack the players and seemed totally oblivious, where Shen would occasionally blast the players from its crabby shell, clearly something that was picked up on as people wanted these to be more of an actual fight.

The evolution continued to Jhen Mohran and Ceadeus. Ceadeus had a short path before a full on arena battle. MHXX also revamped the Lao Shan fight to make Lao actually beat back at the players occasionally, shorten the walking distance to the last zone, and added extra weaponry to help the player deal damage.


Kulve is a huge mashup of every previous fight with new ideas placed with perfection. The fight takes full advantage of the newer systems in place with MHW such as finding tracks. What comes out of it is a very tense 15 minute encounter (Per round-ish) with a good payout. Kulve is just the right size to be a threat in an arena environment and the idea that you deconstruct the golden armour and lighten the weight holding the monster back until it can blaze around like a giant Jagras works very well for an idea for a fight. I also kind of enjoy that you don't end up murdering it (Although leaving it without its horns is a tad cruel). My favourite part has to be the fact that the whole gathering hall is helping.

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Looking forward to seeing what else the MH team can surprise us with. New gameplay ideas like this could spice the series up so much. We pretty much know that Oroshi Kirin, Lunastra and Alatreon are to come, so hopefully if there is any unknown content or the G expansion, more stuff like this will come.

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