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Kulve Taroth needs to be reworked.

main img base 1024x624 - Kulve Taroth needs to be reworked.

I know some of you got everything you needed from Kulve, this post is for the rest of us.

I've hunted Kulve Taroth more times than I can count, and indeed more than any sane person should. I would estimate at least 200 times. I used to keep every weapon, and I hit 1000 a long time ago. Ever since I've been selling duplicates, and that was a long long time ago. Long story short- I've done Kulve Taroth. A lot.

And I've only wanted one weapon, just one, this entire time. I main IG, and the Paralysis Insect Glaive is all I have ever wanted, and as you can guess, it's one of the only weapons I do not have.


I understand making Kulve something to pad out gameplay time, if I had only done it 100 times I wouldn't even be that upset. But this is insane. No one should do any one thing in any game that takes as much time as playing three other games to completion. I can't stand fighting Kulve anymore, I used to love it, now I hate it, it takes so long, it's so cumbersome to get into a game, it's just the worst.

There needs to be an alternative, something like a trade in system, even if it took 30 Rarity 8s for 1 choice I wouldn't mind. I can't imagine Capcom intended for this level of RNG, and if they did, I think they need to rethink it if it's making people like me hate playing their content.

Please Capcom, answer my SOS flare.

TLDR: Kulve RNG is too ridiculous and we need a better system for getting weapons.

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