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Kulve Taroth siege: Complete guide

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It's annoying to search for all the data in the subreddit, so I decided to compile it all here. If any info is missing or wrong, please leave a comment below, let's try to gather all the data.


Find Kulva Taroth's tracks and then talk to the admiral in the village's entrance. Easiest place to find a track is in Ancient Forest's area 1.


A session has 1 Kulve Taroth. She can be fought in groups of up to 4 people. Each group has its own instance of the quest.

The objective is to get as many points as possible. Points are awarded in multiple ways, such as breaking body parts (Details below)

The session's Kulva Taroth has a Pursuit Level (Up to 6). Points from every squad will add to this level. The higher the level, the weaker Kulva Taroth is (Easier to break parts and more time to defeat her)

Each player has its own Reward Level (Up to 17, 100 points per level). The higher the level the better the rewards. Points obtained by the player's squad will add to this level. Points obtained by other squads will be added too but will be reduced.

Once a squad breaks Kulva Taroth's horns, the siege will end. Players will be able to obtain their rewards based on their Reward levels and the session's siege will be reset.

Leaving a session will grant the rewards based on the level obtained up to that point.

tldr: Break as many parts as you can to get points. Once you have Reward Level 17 go for the horns to end the siege and claim your rewards.

OBJECTIVES (Getting points)

Points showed at the siege quest selection are the player's.

Objective Points for squad Points from other squads Points cap
4th Area Reached 60 15 60
3rd Area Reached 40 40
2nd Area Reached 20 20
Kulve Taroth Released 90 20 90
Giant Horns Completely Broken 500 400 500
Giant Horns Chipped 150 30 150
Horn Gold Plating Broken 120 120
Tail Broken 120 25 120
Right Foreleg Gold Plating Broken 90 20 90
Left Foreleg Gold Plating Broken 90 20 90
Right Chest Gold Plating Broken 60 60
Left Chest Gold Plating Broken 60 60
Right Hindleg Gold Plating Broken 30 10 30
Tail Right Gold Plating Broken 30 10 30
Left Hindleg Gold Plating Broken 30 10 30
Tail Left Gold Plating Broken 30 10 30
Pursuit Level 6 Reached 90 90
Pursuit Level 4 Reached 40 40
Pursuit Level 2 Reached 20 20
  • Kulve Taroth released: break KT's golden armor.
  • Tail Broken: Breakable once KT has no golden armor.
  • KT can regenerate parts. Breaking regenerated parts grants no additional points.
  • Pursuit Level points are awarded upon Gathering Hub's arrival.
Pursuit Level Points for next level Scoutfly Time Breakability
1 325 None Shortest Lowest
2 325 Yes Shorter Lower
3 650 Yes Short Low
4 650 Yes Long High
5 650 Yes Longer Higher
6 Yes Longest Highest



Loot can be obtained by collecting shiny drops, as a quest completion reward and as a part broken reward.

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Shell
  • Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget
  • Kulve Taroth Golden Scale
  • Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn (Horn broken reward)
  • Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell (Tail broken reward)
  • Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone (Gem)
  • Golden Chunk (Trade-in Item – 1500z, can be mined)
  • Golden Fragment (Trade-in Item – 750z)
  • Bushi Ticket (Obtained as siege's reward)
  • Relics (Obtained as siege's reward, more info below)


  • Kulve Taroth set – Requires KT materials
  • Kulve Taroth set (Palico) – Requires KT materials
  • Samurai set (Palico) – Requires Bushi Tickets (1 per part)
  • Sabi set (Layered armor, damaged version) – Obtained as Delivery using Bushi Tickets (3 per part)
  • Homare set (Layered armor, normal version) – Obtained as Delivery using Bushi Tickets (4 per part)


Relics are weapons with "random" stats (There's a fixed pool). They are obtained as siege's rewards at random. They are ranked from rank 6 to 8 and can be augmented.

You can see a list of known relics here. (Credits to whoever made it >.<)


  • Area 1: You can destroy some stone bridges/archs (Leftmost and rightmost).
  • Area 3: You can destroy some stalactics/hanging rocks (1 left, 2 right, map-wise) and there are lava spouts.


You have the list here.


  • If all players press start/options the intro will be skipped.
  • Gajalakas can be beaten by 1 crystalburst shot and drop throwing knives. The ones carrying gold might drop a KT material.
  • You can use the throwing knives to craft sleep/paralysis knives.
  • Breaking the horns earns 500 points, meaning you can go for the horns as soon as you get Reward Level 12.
  • There's a slide from camp to area 2.
  • KT can (and should) be mounted both with and without her golden armor.

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