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Kulve Taroth Tips for Pursuit 1

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Kulve Taroth Tips for Pursuit 1

Hey guys, mini kulve guide here. This is all for pursuit 1 by the way. Heavily influenced by Jinjinx and Tuna's channel over on youtube. I'm not exactly a pro number cruncher myself although I do like minmaxing. These guys however are super good.

Check them out.

Anyway, summarising their stuff in bullet point form

Non stage specific

Release conditions are 5 parts CURRENTLY broken in STAGE 3.

45000 damage to break horns stage 4 8500 damage to chip horns, carries over to stage 4 Additional damage after horn chip does not carry over

Stage 4 last ~5 minutes

Require 9 breaks for lvl 14 rewards (horn plate, 8 body parts)

Stage 1

Red hot damage threshold is LOWER than stage 2 trigger

After dig, will remerge for ~30 seconds, bomb and cannons to pass threshold

Lead on the bombs a bit to hit the chin after a head dip for horn damage

Rest of the bombs should be on the chest

Damage horn plating enough to be easily broken in stage 2, do NOT break in stage 1

Red hot will trigger AFTER 30 seconds has passed

Doing so correctly will trigger red hot and stage 2 transition simultaneously

Rock drops are unnecessary if cannons and bombs are done correctly

Use rock drops to squeeze in extra damage if you suck like me :))

Stage 2-3

Break 5 body parts to trigger dig

Lead on bombs after dig (dont place right ontop) to bomb chest for breaks if having trouble

Break ~6 parts +horn plating for lvl 14 rewards

Ideally break plating AFTER dig to use the 20 second opening to chip horns

Chip horns for additional area 4 damage (in stage 2-3)

Break 3-4 parts AFTER dig and FARCASTER for stage 4 gear

Farcaster early to not waste stage 4 time Break 5th part in stage 3 to trigger release

Drop rocks to help with final part break

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Stage 4

45000 damage to horns in 5 minutes

Ideal team comp: 3 DPS + 1 CC

CC HBG or bow is best

DPS Ice DB, bow, CB, GS (mount)

Crit elem ice DB highest DPS option

GS has nice damage, best mounter, can mount twice in one run

Crit ele ice bow decent damage, can help with cc, insane damage uptime

Hammer second highest dps, good at mounts, can mess up CC chain

Ice CB deals chunky damage with power ele phials, hard to space SAED

Slicing LBG meh damage, strongest damage BG, HIGHEST damage uptime, can help with status

If we do not chain CC, she will do room lava breath

During lava breath, pod the head Shot and pods do no damage to body during lava breath

Double bomb, 4 man bombardier 3 2 megas 3744 damage 7488 damage over 2 sleeps

Head drops at initial placement of LEFT FOOT ~1.5 sec window when she falls over to bomb

Rocksteady, glider, fireproof mantle for DPS hunters

Affinity and health booster super good during CC

CC chainers should all have impact mantle

HBG faster sleep and para, easier to solo chain

Sleep > para > KO > sleep > para

Bow is much tighter, messes up if you miss 1 shot

2nd DPS bow can throw a few coatings to help

Bow MUCH better for KO

Sleep > para > KO > sleep > para > KO

I know this was really crude, just some stuff I took note of for my team personally. Hope this helps some people, not sure if it will. Oh well, have fun with KT guys, the R8 grind awaits 🙂


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