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Kulve Taroth tracks increase pursuit level.

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I've seen a lot of misinformation and questions going around as to the nature of the pursuit level for Kulve Taroth quests, and it's for good reason that people are wondering, because the pursuit level is one of the most important parts of the quest, at level 1 it's almost impossible and at level 6 it's laughably easy.

I decided to do some testing tonight to figure out how it works, to know if I was wasting my time picking up tracks, and to know if there's any easier way to guarantee a pursuit level 3+ after a single hunt (the level at which I can consistently clear in a group of 4).

So here's the test I did, I jumped in a few solo hunts, the first hunt I did literally nothing, timed out at around 14 minutes and scored no points in either Pursuit Level or Reward Level, as expected.


This time, 180 research points, gained from 2 part breaks and 2 falling boulders (30 and 60 each respectively), and only 26 pursuit points. Getting to level 3 reward level exactly was 200 points worth of reward points, 20 for reaching area 2, 120 for golden horn break and 60 for left chest gold break.


So tracks seem to give you 1 pursuit point per resource point, ie 10 pursuit points per track. You seem to also get pursuit points somehow from another source that I haven't identified, maybe damage dealt to the monster, but it seems SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the gains from tracks.

TLDR: tracks give 10 pursuit points each, dwarfs pursuit point games from fighting (which I don't fully understand yet), if you want to farm the quest efficiently, collect every track you can on the Pursuit Level 1 hunts to jump straight to Pursuit Level 3+ to get a clear on the second attempt. Also, getting breaks on an attempt that doesn't finish is relatively unhelpful, giving very little pursuit points if any, and doesn't matter for rewards points unless you miss that break on a later attempt.

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