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Kulve Taroth’s update did wonders for HBG

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Has anyone actually seen or used any of the HBGs from Kulve Taroth? A lot of them are direct upgrades to existing weapons thanks to lowered recoil/reload and variance.

Taroth Assault "Blast"
, once again giving us variety as our fingertips but with the added bonus of adding Elementless, and the level 3 decoration slot doesn't hurt either.

While I can't speak for LBGs, this update really, really gave a hard look at HBGs. We now have so much more choice than before. The Taroth Assault "Rage" was exactly what I had been looking for – all the ammo types I ever wanted to use with great recoil/reload while also carrying a Slicing ammo capacity of 4. Watching Slicing do 24 damage per tick is just incredible.


I can't praise this event enough, it did so many things right for the HBG. If you've never played HBG before, now would be a great time to experiment.

What do you guys think? Have you found a new love to replace that Shattercryst/Fussilade? Or are you sticking to the old but reliable weapons? What do you think of the variety we have now?

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