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Kulve Tarroth Cluster guide

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This is a rough draft so leave any suggestions in the comments please!
Why should i run a cluster/sticky HBG for KT?
getting a KO on KT could not be easier than with a cluster build! also, you weaken all the parts so melee users get easier breaks, as well as make her armor molten with MUCH more ease.

What build to use?
There are three HBGs i reccomend. the jho HBG does best damage, but has to shield and no paralysis. the zorah HBG has sleep and para but does less damage and iirc has a slower fire rate, but can use a shield. the KT blast has para and sleep but iirc has smaller clip sizes then the others making you more vulnerable, but it has a shield and lots of different ammos. the picklegun is the best one IMO, but is for experienced users and requires 3x recoil mods to be effective vs KT.

How to use the gun:
basically the vast majority of the hunt you're going for headshots with stickies aiming for a KO, or occasionally focusing on a specific part that needs breaking. Yes it's a cluster build but it's also multiplayer. When KT is downed, focus on parts that need breaking, or aim for the very top of the horns so as to not disturb melee players, however i recommend using the downs to reload and craft ammos since for you getting headshots while she's standing is no problem.

When to cluster?
Basically clustering is excellent in area 1 when she's coming out of the holes she uses to travel through the map, she'll be stationary, and most melee users tend to use this time to man the rock drops and cannons. usually even at pursuit level one you can get her armor molten in area 1 if the RNGesus favors you. in area 2 and 3 she'll sometimes run and do a roll, when she's standing up, if and only if you have a clear shot and good aim you can shoot her back/tail to do damage to some parts, but more importantly to her actual armor: this is progress to get her naked fast. In stage 4 you want to spam clusters to the head to get KOs, and since you'll be more stationary, if she runs toward you you can occasionally be alone and risk firing a single cluster when you're below/very close to her: this makes the cluster "pop" before doing the whole flight trajectory, so in practice itll explode in under 1 second, instead of the usual 2seconds+ it takes to fly up then pop, land, and explode, thus minimizing the chance of bothering melee players. another good opportunity is when there's a mount. KT tends to follow the same path when mounted in stage 4, so if you head to the place she usually ends up you might find yourself alone there. 90% of the runs this is where i get hornbreaks, i fire 2 clusters while she's mounted and melee users are far, then when she lands i spam stickies to the top of the horn, then fire one or two more clusters toward her lower/body tail. remember that in order to break horns, you must first do ~20k damage to the body, the horns will not break before body damage threshold is met. so when you cluster her body while she's down, this improves the chance melee users / the stickies you spammed earlier will be able to finish her off.


For KT i use the standard RNG cannon build, and the jho cannon with 3x recoil mods. having one or two fire resistance gems may be very beneficial in area 3 and 4 since this set tends to have high negative fire resistance. You need artiellery 3, and some people like running partbreaker but i've found i dont usually focus on many parts, and easily break the crown with stickies, so dont really see the point of PB since we won't be focusing on any specific part but the head for the majority of the time. i like to use the vitality mantle, evasion mantle, and impact mantle depending on my mood. with the impact you can easily get 2+ KOs, without it 2-3 is the maximum.

Extra details:
You will be dealing MASSIVE damage and playing a crucial role in speeding up the run by bringing her down (sleep, para, KO) and by making her molden/breaking the corwn, but never ever forget that your HBG can't outdamage 3 melee players. accidentally flinching someone once is fine, but it's extremely detrimental to your run and party morale if you keep hitting other players with your explosions. if you time yourself you'll have plenty of chances to cleanly cluster her, but don't be too triggerhappy with clusters or people won't want to run with you again. don't forget to return to base to restock ammo, and use the radial menu for ammo crafting. your main purpose in the party is to get her armor melded, break the crown, chip the horns, get KOS, and speed up getting her naked.

TL;DR: Cluster builds can hugely speed up KT runs, and are massively underrated, but users have to be extremely careful not to flinch other players.

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