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Kulve Tarroth preparation guide.

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Kulve Tarroth is just around the corner for her one week showdown, so this is a slightly updated reprint of my previous guide to help everyone be ready for the siege and to help everyone maximize their rewards. Enjoy!

Siege goals

The most important piece of information, is understanding how the Kulve Tarroth siege works, and the limited number of outcomes. Kulve Tarroth has no true fail condition, you just keep repeating the quest until his horns are broken, by you or another team in your session. As such, what is important in Kulve Tarroth fights, is minimizing the amount of rounds she has. Unless you are playing with the true god team, you are not going to break the horns in round 1, and if you do, your reward level will be tiny to the point of why even bother due to all the missed criteria. So this brings me to the main part, maximizing rewards. Getting 17 rewards with 3 gold and 4 silver, over two fights, is significantly better than getting 12 rewards, no gold 2 silver, over two fights that are 3 minutes faster.

With those two points in mind, establishing the idea of breaking the horns in 2 rounds, for 17 rewards is the actual goal. Requiring three rounds is inefficient, and getting only 14-15 rewards is also inefficient, more so since gold and silver are really the only important rewards and they occur at higher reward tiers.

Starting a siege

The first step, is finding a room to start a dedicated farm going. The simplest way to do this is just by going to online sessions, and filter searching for rooms with Kulve Tarroth. You want to join in whatever's the highest population ideally aiming for about 8+, it's fine to join lower but it may slow down your farming significantly. Kulve Tarroth has a mechanic called its "pursuit level" which makes Kulve Tarroth easier to defeat and is leveled up from 1 to 6 by collecting footprints. Everyone in the hub contributes to this, so while more people in the hub won't assist you in the fight itself, they will assist in leveling up the pursuit level for you, which is one of the most important factors in the siege.

What affects rewards?

When playing in a dedicated squad, do whatever you feel is best, the rest of this post, is about maximising your contribution to a team of random players. Kulve Tarroth rewards, are based on ONE factor, the checklist of body parts broken (and pursuit levels). This can be seen while in the fight by going across in the menu to special assignments, then paging through with R1 to see what is broken. You receive full points on any break done while you are in the area, and a percentage credit for any breaks that occur in another session member’s fight. In order to get level 17 rewards, you need to be present for all breaks, which means other fights, should not have any relevance towards you. You should be fighting Kulve Tarroth as if you are in a team of 4 and no more, if there are another 12 players in your session, doesn’t affect you in the slightest. I highly recommend referring to this list during the course of the fight to make sure you are doing the best you can at any time.

Kulve Tarroth’s mechanics

I could spend 6 more pages describing the different weapon approaches, and Kulve’s moveset/weaknesses but that doesn’t really help anyone. It takes 2-3 runs to completely discover how those work for your weapon. The important part is how Kulve Tarroth’s molten state works, and how its unleashed form works. To make Kulve Tarroth molten, attack its chest weak spot, once this gets triggered Kulve’s entire body becomes a weak spot. You really should always be aiming for this. As for unleashing Kulve, this occurs once a certain total damage has been dealt to Kulve. Remember this part, as it will be important. Once Kulve is unleashed, it loses ALL of its possible breaks except for its tail and horns.

The true multi-stage fight

Kulve Tarroth has two stages, round 1 and round 2. Your goals in each of these are completely different, and most players fight as if they are constantly in round 2. The quickest way to understand the difference, is with how pursuit levels work, and how they tie in to the completion of the fight. Pursuit level builds from tracks and breaks, the higher a pursuit level, the faster Kulve’s parts break and the longer the fight will go on for.

At pursuit level one and two, a completion horn break is nigh on impossible with a group of 3 other randoms. As such players need to understand that a horn break isn’t going to happen. When pursuit level one and two fights occur, the ONLY goal is to build the best foundation of which the next fight will occur. Breaking parts and building a better pursuit level by collecting footprints is how we achieve this. In pursuit level 3 a horn break can occur with 4 players quite easily without needing sleep or other status. Pursuit level 4 makes this possible with 3 people, level 5 with 2 people and level 6 solo (within reason). It doesn’t matter to a group of 4 whether it is level 3/4/5/6, Kulve should die consistently.

Pursuit Levels


Whenever you pick up a footprint, it adds 10 points to pursuit level and this is pretty much the only way to raise pursuit level. In round 1, pursuit points are of paramount priority, you want to at very minimum collect enough footprints to enter pursuit 3 in order to setup a lethal round the following run, and during round 2 you want to collect enough points to hit pursuit 6 for maximum rewards. Points are gained by all members in a session, and is the only benefit to having a full gathering hub. The less players that are active, the more emphasis you need to place on picking up tracks. Try and search fully an area before transitioning to the next one and even backtrack a bit in area 1, it will save you way more time in the long run. Only reaching pursuit level 2 in the first round means an entire extra fight is likely to be needed to beat Kulve and not reaching pursuit 6 in round two means a loss of a silver reward box when going from 17 to 16. In a hall of about 8 active players this should be easily obtained passively. I did some testing and the scenthound skill, doesn't increase the points unfortunately. Footprints are the single highest priority during a fresh run, way more important then dealing damage.

Round 1

In the first round, which occurs at pursuit level 1, your goal is to set up the best possible kill in the second round. This means reaching pursuit level 3, and getting as many breaks as possible to minimize effort in round 2. Once Kulve Tarroth is unleashed, she only has two possible breaks remaining, horn and tail. In pursuit level one neither of these are likely to happen. So if you unleash Kulve tarroth, it extends the fight by 5 or so minutes, in which you attack and don’t break the tail or final horns, what does this accomplish? Literally nothing. You wasted 5 minutes on nothing. You might chip her horns, but you were going to do that anyway in the final fight, if you chip her horns in the final fight, then all previous chips mean nothing. Your goal is to avoid unleashing Kulve in stage one, if you do, just return to the hub there’s nothing to be gained because you may as well have considered that round a fail. A tail break is theoretically possible with a good group, but it will take 4-5 times longer than if you just did it in the second round.

How do you avoid unleashing Kulve? You want to maximize the damage dealt to breaking parts, and minimize the damage dealt to her that doesn’t lead to breaks. Now let’s look at all those massive boulders people love dropping. They deal a MASSIVE 1500 damage each, and stuns her, making her already accessible weak points…. Accessible. When they hit the back of Kulve, they don't deal any damage to any parts, since her back is not breakable. When it hits the head it deal 1500 damage to a part that you don't care at all about dealing damage to and may as well just speed up the unleash with no benefits at all since you will get the horn breaks in the final attempt anyway. The best scenario is if it hits the tail, in which case it deals like 500 damage to the tail and breaks that part, and has 1000 wasted damage, still not a desirable outcome. There is one exception to this, her horns give a carve on the first break, so you do want to stun her using the boulders, but only do this when she is in red mode, as attacking her when not molten is mostly wasted. As soon as she goes red, drop a boulder, get a quick break on the horn and then stop dropping rocks.

In area 2 and 3, try to attack as many unbroken parts as possible, ignore the head if its already broken. You want to get as many breaks as possible so you can ignore those parts in the second round. You don’t want to get to area 4, so avoid dropping the boulders in area 3 unless her horn gold plating is still present. Kulve has a move where she will go underground and refresh all her golden parts, if this happens, just refer to the in game menu to remind yourself on what parts to focus.

During this round it is absolutely core that you are picking up tracks. They contribute about 90% of the total to leveling up pursuit rank, and getting to pursuit 3 by the end of round 1 is the best way to ensure a 2 round kill instead of a 3 or higher.

Round 2

Assuming you made it to pursuit level 3 or higher, you are now at a point where a horn break is reasonable. Upon entering the area, open your special assignments and have a look at what parts are unbroken, you don’t really care about horns or tail until after released and reaching area 4 will happen naturally. If you break a part that had already been broken, it makes no difference and doesn't benefit you in anyway. But everything else you want to get before unleashed, and given the raised pursuit level this should be super quick and easy to accomplish. It’s now that you want to start dropping all the boulders since they will speed her to unleashed form. If you had adequately broken her parts in round 1, you should be able to focus your attacks on high damage moves, such as pierce shots/DP or dual blades heavenly dance. Once she’s unleashed, the fight will be long enough to comfortably get the head and tail. If your a gunner, just focus on the head, but everyone else should go for the tail to guarantee it gets done (it does not take very long). After that it's a simple matter of breaking the head to end the fight. Since all parts should be broken already, you want to save the mount and all status for this room.

If you correctly follow this, you should be able to get level 17 pursuit rewards easily with complete randoms outside of faints. I’ve gotten them for the last 8 sieges this way, in two rounds maximum each time, with complete strangers and no mic. The best possible outcome.


Avoiding dropping rocks on Kulve except for getting the first horn break when doing pursuit level one. When doing pursuit level 3, read the special assignments and target any part that you don’t have full credit for. Make sure these are all broken before dropping the rocks in area 3.

Edit: Added the starting a siege section.

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