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KUSHALA DAORA: MHW Mastery. Stop being scared.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - KUSHALA DAORA: MHW Mastery. Stop being scared.

Alright. So I have seen that soooooo many people have had trouble with Kushala, even in MR. It surprises me that absolutely no one has ever said this before, I swear to dodogama that I've looked, but here goes: (note, I will try and clean this post up a bit asap)

Kushala has a few openings you can take advantage of. I'll discuss them here. Some are for when Kush is in the air and some are for when he's on the ground.

Problem #1) Kushala Daora has a nearly invisible barrier of wind floating around it that makes melee users miserable.

Fact #1) Any time Kushala is flinched, KO'd, wall-banged, mounted, etc, Kushala will lose its aura temporarily and will have to ROAR or "power up" to get it back. HR OR MR. MR just introduces extra attacks you'll have to watch out for… like moving tornadoes.

Answer #1) Grab flinch pods. These include scatternut or crystal burst depending on where you are fighting Kush. If you are communicating with your team, each of you should grab them and take turns using them in order to remove the aura from Kushala. You have to hit the head or the tail with the pods because they are less reliable when hitting the wings or body (sometimes they work)……..

Side note: Forget Elder Seal. I mean, DON'T because it's nice but it only activates after a certain amount of procs without much warning, so it's not as useful as flinch pods. Grab whatever does more damage and I think Kush is weak to thunder so I guess you can bring that (I usually use raw damage or para/blast if I'm in a group).

Problem #2) I am too lazy to grab flinch pods.

Fact #2) You are making the game harder for yourself. Work smarter, not… Jessie and James, ok whatever, just attack the head. Kushala's wind aura does NOT protect its head. Or the tip of its tail.

If you are still getting knocked back by its aura then you are getting too close or are a hammer player that is trying to press B or Circle instead of using your spinning attack (which has a natural brace or resistance to knockback in the animation). If you don't use flinch pods then you have to accept this chance at being knocked back and move on.

Answer #2) Attack its head……..

Problem #3) Tornadoes!

Fact #3) are a pain!

Answer #3) Learn how they work, be careful and try and steer clear. You can iframe/roll through part of the blast but will get knocked back or down by the AOE effect. Other than being observant and cautious, you are SOL…….. GL HF

Problem #4) Aerial stage. Fact #4) Flinch pods still remove the aura temporarily. Answer #4) There are a few ways to deal with this part. A) flash pod Kush for an easy KO, then everyone attack the head. You can only do this maybe once or twice in a fight btw. B) attack the toes while Kush is in the air, you can do this with many weapons and get a bit of damage in, but it is dangerous, HOWEVER, attacking his toes while he is flying gives you the chance to knock him out of the air if you do enough damage. This will give you time to rush in and put in more damage to his head.

Side Notes: Charge blades, use your axe for this, not your SAED. Great sword and long sword are best for this, also hunting horn and hammer if you flinch pod Kush or use a mounting attack. Bows and bowguns probably need to flinch first also (or sticky ammo).

And C) go for aerial attacks and get mounting damage, communicate with your team and spamming mounts (especially with GS or Hammer) is easy as long as everyone stays near a ledge.


For MR: no, latching on with the clutch claw is NOT IMPOSSIBLE as long as you do it to the head when the aura is removed or after one of Kush's devastating attacks. You can use this opportunity to wallbang Kush.

Tornado tip: Kushala will go to you, stop trying to fight it near tornadoes, just walk away and reset until you have the advantage.

Breath attacks: there are two tiers to these (maybe 3, cant remember) but they are all dealt with in a similar way.

Baby tier: this breath attack is made to knock you. Just tank it, dodge it or avoid it. Not much else to do here. If your teammate is being attacked by this then it is easy to slap kushala in the face as long as you wait for it to shoot out the gust of wind first while standing beside it.

Death tier: this will one shot most hunters especially if they aren't running vitality or upgrading their armor. It also had a huge wind up so to counter this: ASSUME EVERY BREATH ATTACK IS A DEATH TIER ATTACK AND ROLL FAR AWAY IMMEDIATELY or try and roll through the attack… this is a more advanced move and often times the AOE drops you on your butt anyways.

Tip for Breath attacks: Toss kushala a mint (flinch pod) whenever it is about to use the death timer attack on a squad mate to save them from certain death.


Extra Notes: 1) Every time Kushala "powers back up" it will ROAR so you have to either have earplugs, block or iframe (dodge/roll/evade) that to be able to punish kushala, but that is the best time just after a roar. 2) I know something in here might not be accurate so if it isn't then lmk and I will change it if I test it and find that you're right. 3) I loved AT Kush's fight and used to solo that all of the time with either a great sword or hammer, and personally i think Kush is still the easiest elder dragon aside from or next to Vaal Hazak. 4) Steadfast or stun resist can be useful for this fight. 5) Watch out for your fellow hunters in ALL hunts. Carry flinch pods all the time because you can save a hunt by flinching the monster when it goes for a team mate who is stunned, healing or out of position or whatever. 6) Hunting horn can be useful here. So can a healing build (sns or whatever) but not necessary 7) felyne moxy is good but wont always save you, go for insurance AND safeguard if possible. 8) call out when sleeping/para 9) YES, when you run out of flinch pods it is not a bad idea to go grab more.


Alright, so I know this is a HUGE TL;DR but… if you didn't read then just grab sticky ammo with a lbg and use scatternut or crystal burst to remove kushala's wind aura temporarily for your team from time to time.

It's time to stop being scared of Kushala y'all. It's one of the easiest fights in the game if you just take it slow and focus on damaging the head (for farming KOs). GL hunters.

Lmk if there is anything I should add or if I am a jerk or was helpful or whatever. If you are on xbox and need help message me and I dont mind helping out if I am not busy.

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