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lately I’ve been feeling like one of the hell hunters, but unironically

MonsterHunterWorld6 - lately I've been feeling like one of the hell hunters, but unironically

I've been playing through mhw and i remember the very first time i fought odogaron, I was all like "NOPE!" and refused to do any of the quests involving that nightmare. then i discovered that its set not only looked amazing, but also sported really good crit and my first response was to immediately put on the hungriest, most bloodthirsty expression ever and spend an entire week hunting the thing nonstop, solo, just to get that armor. Now I chew up and spit out those red cliffords from hell for breakfast, hell not even breakfast, those things are a snack compared to the majority of monsters i've been actively pursuing with a vendetta. remember anjanath? that evil t-rex thing that's sort of the flagship rival of the early game? I got a lot of practice and learned to hunt that just as easily too, now it's boring and i barely need any of its equipment. rathalos is a slightly fun workout, azure rathalos is just good fun, and virtually every base elder dragon in the game is just my normal hunting routine now. I have so many vaal hazak parts that i don't know what to do with them!! I made all the weapons/armor i need, now i just hunt it for fun! "oh look, some poor bastard's hunting a hazak for the first time, welp better put on my fully upgraded vaal hazak set, jump in there with my deviljho bitchslapping mitts+10 of dragonmurderossity and carry him."

Diablos? pff, black diablos? HA!! both at the same time? YOU BET YOUR ASS THAT'S MY DAILY WORKOUT!! CRUNCH THOSE HORNS!!!! Every bazelguese and deviljho invasion is now just an opportunity for me to sit back, grab some astera jerky and watch the fireworks as the bazel does 20 percent of my job in less than a few explosions. Tempered monsters are the exact same thing as normal monsters, except they hit harder, but since i'd have to be having a REAL off day to get hit by anything in the first place, they're just normal hunts for me, with a few exceptions. the SOLE challenge in this game is now tempered elders, and/or lunastra. (vaal is still just another nice walk in the park)

It's gotten to the point where none of the truly dangerous endgame monsters can pose anything resembling a threat solo, so I go on four man hunts just to have a challenge, in that the party members die and i end up failing because i ran out of stuff to support them with.


One such case really stood out to me yesterday, I went hunting for the luna+teo hunt because it's one of the only real walls in the game for me now. luna's actually really hard to hunt even now, i can solo her fine, but whenever anything enters the area i have a harder time dealing with it. Well about halfway through, after killing teo the group i was with were on one continue, one of the members leaves. "okay whatever." i say and keep going. then another guy runs off and i'm all like "am I gonna be soloing this luna? with one attempt left?" I keep eyeing the other guy expecting HIM to leave too but he stays on. So i tell him "let's go back and pick up an attack food buff" because the buffs reset and we're dealing with a 4-party health lunastra. I instruct him to grab some barrel bombs and we go back in, I now have fire and ice equipped because i just want this hunt to end and from here on out it's basically an all or nothing finale. Despite some close calls, the luna ends up fleeing and i tell the guy that it's time to sleep bomb the shit out of her. we both blow her up, smack her around for 2 more minutes and she's down well before the 30 minute mark. And all of this happened because me and one other hunter were crazy enough to try to solo a lunastra with one cart remaining.

So now, reflecting on how i had this habit of going out of my way to practice on some of the hardest hunts in the entire game, diablos and black diablos, deviljho, bazel, odog and all the elders except for hazak (because he's a pushover) and the fact that i'm now the sort of guy who can help carry another player through a fully roided out lunastra with one cart remaining, I can't help but think of how the hell hunters always brag about how they're the toughest guys around, but in reality make the main character hunt the hardest hunts in the game because they suck at it.

I feel sorta like that right now, like i've become some sort of insane, endgame monster hunting veteran who brags about it on reddit like a jackass.

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