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Latent Power Build for Dual Blades (Why Latent Power in Dual Blades? Explained) – 100% Affinity + White Sharpness

main img base 1024x624 - Latent Power Build for Dual Blades (Why Latent Power in Dual Blades? Explained) - 100% Affinity + White Sharpness

Latent Power is a skill deemed by many as useless or not viable. However, this is not exactly true as I'd like to shed some light on it. This is my original Latent Power Dual Blades Build that I've been using for the past 2 months now for all contents including tempered elder dragons in solo/multiplayers.


So why Latent Power Level 5 over other builds like Critical Eye Lvl 7 or Atk Boost Lvl 7?

  • 50% Stamina Depletion Reduction (2x Duration on Demon Mode means more stable dps for longer, makes running in demon mode viable)

  • 50% Affinity + 50% Affinity from Weakness Exploit gives 100% Affinity.

  • Dual Blades Sharpness Depletes fast. (This Latent build has Teostra Technique that prevents sharpness loss, Coupled with the 100% Affinity, Thus your white sharpness never depletes, Build also has Handicraft Lvl 5, that gives White Sharpness)

  • More Fluid Battles, Due to nature of build, you spend less time sheathing your weapon (No more getting out of demon mode to move from Point A to point B), less time healing with potions (Build is compulsory on Lifeleech which allows you to heal from battling rather than drinking potions, Less downtime on dps)

But "Latent Power is hard to activate" argument

  • Easy to activate as Dual Blades can't block attacks, more likely to take hits than any other classes.

  • Build comes with Health Boost Level 3 (Which should be in any end-game builds to survive tempered monsters' attack, puts an end to high dps no survivability builds)

  • Build works around Effective hp (Not 200 – 180 = 20 to activate), meaning taking damage and healings through various means in the build), can activate it while still at almost full hp.

  • Health Regen (Lifeleech) on Weapon is compulsory, doesn't lose out in dps because less time you spent healing is more time for dps.

Weapons used: Diablos Clubs (Augmented with 10% Affinity + Health Regen)

Build: Diablos Club (With Non-elemental Jewelx1)

Teostra Beta (With Throttle Jewelx1)

Kushala Beta (With Tenderizer Boostx1)

Kaiser Vambraces Alpha (with Vitality Jewelx1)

Vangis Coil B (Critical Boostx1 + Vitality Jewelx1)

Kaiser Greaves B (Vitality Jewelx1)

Handicraft Charm Level 3

  • Use Health Booster & Rocksteady Mantle.

  • Once Latent Power activates, put on Rocksteady Mantle for insane dps mode.

  • Use different techniques to activate Latent Power (Burn/Poison, standing on lava while on health booster)

  • Use Immunizers to heal faster.

Feel free to leave any constructive comments or feedback.

Disclaimer: Latent Power is only viable in dual blades due to the usefulness of 50% stamina depletion reduction & I'll not recommend it for any other weapon types.

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