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Latent Power Build for Dual Blades [Why Latent Power in Dual Blades? Explained]

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Latent Power Build for Dual Blades [Why Latent Power in Dual Blades? Explained]

Latent Power is a skill deemed by almost everyone as useless or not worth building. However, this is not exactly true as Latent Power can be viable in Dual Blades specifically. Thus, I'd like to shed some light about Latent Power's viability.

Build –

Build showcase –

This is also a variant build, doesn't have master's touch / evade extender as I'm lacking one piece of gear.

Why Latent Power Build over meta builds like Critical Eye Level 7 or Attack Boost Level 7?

  • Latent Power's 50% Stamina Depletion Reduction gives 2x Duration on Demon Mode means longer more stable dps. (Demon Mode lasts 30 secs in current meta builds with 150 stamina whereas this build has 200 stamina and lasts 80 secs while Latent Power is active)

  • Running in demon mode becomes viable, no more sheathing to move from point A to point B.

  • Due to having 200 Stamina & your stamina depletes twice as slow, You can dash while in demon mode since build also has evade extender in place.

  • 50% Affinity when LP is activated + 50% Affinity from Weakness Exploit gives 100% Affinity,

  • 100% Affinity Combos with Master's Touch, You'll never lose your white sharpness when you are hitting weak spots.

  • More Fluid Battles, due to nature of build, since you spend less time sheathing to move from point A to point B, able to run & dash in demon mode, you spend more time in combat resulting in higher overall damage output.

Meta Builds with 150 Stamina Demon Mode Duration <30 Secs> –


LP Build with 200 Stamina Demon Mode Duration <80 Secs>–

Why is Latent Power better now than before?

  • Previously, main counter-argument for the viability of Latent Power was that Latent Power is too hard to activate. Low Up-time basically.

  • Monsters now do more damage than ever before with the introduction of Arch Tempered Monsters, DLC Bosses.

  • Takes 1-2 hits from these end-game / DLC Bosses to activate Latent Power.

  • Tick Damage such as AT Vaal Hazak, Leshen, Lunastra getting common. (Previously, another argument was that good players never get hit. Relying on getting hit to activate is not an effective way to play) Tick damage helps activate Latent Power passively while you are in combat.

  • Since players are finally getting into terms that Health Boost Level 3 is essential for End-game / DLC content as well as Lifesteal. Previously, everyone who runs full dps with zero survivability claims to be a god-like hunter with 100% dodge rate, most of these people have since been destroyed by extreme behemoth.

  • Works based on effective health lost, not 200-180 = 20 hp left to activate. With 200 hp pool and lifesteal, getting that hp back won't be an issue and you work towards your LP activation without actively chugging down potions.

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Why you should try this build?

  • You're tired of seeing 4x drachen brain-dead builds.

  • You're not a meta believer.

  • You're incredibly bored.

  • You like being the underdog.

  • You are adventurous and like creative builds.

  • You are a man of culture.

Disclaimer: Latent Power is only viable in dual blades due to the usefulness of 50% stamina depletion reduction & I'll not recommend it for any other weapon types.

Feel free to leave any constructive comments or feedback.

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