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Lesser known QoL features for new (and some old) MHST players

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I stumbled across (and at least one case, deduced) several features in Stories that aren't well documented in the game or in guides. Here they are in order of most to least obscure:

1.) Most of your monsties likely have a red saddle, but did you ever notice a monstie or three has a blue saddle? Cheval's Rathi has one in every cut-scene, if you want an example of what it looks like. To get it, there are two conditions: A.) at least 1 rare gene (such as top level 'buff' genes, like Might (L)/Cocoon (L) or certain passive skill genes like Unscathed/Tenacity. Species-specific genes never count as rare) and B.) EXCLUSIVELY 5-7 total genes present. Locked/unlocked status of unused slots doesn't matter, nor does the presence/absence of 'bingos'. Channeling updates the color, too. You can gain the saddle when conditions are met and lose it when they aren't – namely adding a 8th (and by extension, 9th) gene or replacing the 'rare' gene with a 'common' one – which means fully gene'd monsties can never have a blue saddle, sadly.

2.) Nutriments work on the player too (including reverse nutriments to reset/redistribute points). You're still limited to 10 total like with Monsties, but they can provide a minor boost to your HP/attack/or defense if you find you're lacking in one, IE: if you're missing KOs by a few HP a lot, you might want to invest them in your attack.


3.) More commonly known (but still relatively undocumented) is changing Monstie element. You see this effect when you first unlock channeling (the Lagombi in the cutscene appears red like the Fire element version despite yours not actually gaining it at that point), but the game never really explains it. If you reach 4 or higher in an elemental attack stat, your Monstie will change to that element (if its the highest element). For null-type monsties, this is irreversible (you cant go back to null-type) but in all cases it changes the element of your Kinship attack. Keep in mind that this means the kinship attack will then be subject to elemental resistance for the new element, as well and drawing strongly from your monstie's elemental attack for damage. Extra effects of kinship attacks that do not (such as bleed/poison/etc.) are not removed if a Kinship attack changes element (or gains one). Changing element also nice if you simply want a color change on you monstie for cosmetic effect – such as making a Fire element Black Diablos so it looks mildly like the Bloodbath deviant species in MHGU. For those that want a list,<
here's a compilation by another player of every elemental variant for all the monsties available in the 3DS release.
. On a slightly related note, achieving more than 10 in any elemental attack gives no benefit as 10 is the cap when calculatign damage. The game will still display higher (I 'maxed' a Silver Rathalos at 31 Fire attack once), but you wont do any extra elemental damage due to the stat alone when compared to having exactly 10.

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If there's more you want to add/share, post it in the comments. I'll add it above if it's good info that might get buried.

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